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Information for Fuel Consumers and Drivers in the Know

Bosch's (Potentially) game-changing diesel breakthrough for 2020

The Real Racing Story of Ford v. Ferrari

Engine Oil Additives that work

When do you need an engine oil flush?

Is there a low oil pressure additive?

Lawnmower Care

How to Prepare Your Car for your next road trip (2019 edition)

How to Fix Bad Gas in a Car

What does a fuel stabilizer do?

Common fuel-related small engine problems

Small Engine Fuel Stabilizers: what you need (and don't need)

President Trump: New Steps Towards An E15 Future

Winterizing an RV: Treat it right this winter

An Update On 2018 Hurricane Season - Gordon, Florence, and What To Expect Next

Self-driving cars: the auto industry speaks

Where does the oil for your fuel come from?

This year's summer driving forecast

The Life and Mysterious Life of Rudolf Diesel

Trump Administration looks to change fuel economy standards

Fuel treatment for boats in 2018

Self-Driving Car Fleets by 2019?

The Car's Early History

World Cities that Seek to Be Car-Free

Still driving a 1998 Camry? You could have a classic car

Is ethanol-free gas bad for your car?

Self-Driving Car Update: The Future Is Now?

Avoiding Home Heating Oil Problems in 2018

A Bell Legend Passed - Our Tribute to Dr. Christian Clausen

Don't let heating oil sludge give you headaches this winter

Don't Fall Into These Winter Driving Traps

Winter Heating Oil Additives and Other Steps For Your Heating System

When Is Engine Oil Consumption Considered Excessive? James on Engines #6

How to Thaw Frozen Gas Lines in a Car

Classic Cars, Ethanol, and Our Master Mechanic

Three Ways To Protect Your Tankless Water Heater This Winter

Water in Gas Tank? Symptoms Explained

Can I Use Last Year's Gas in My Generator?

Using a Fuel Additive for Old Gas

Tips for Choosing the Best Motor Oil for Your Classic Car

Fuel Problems Most Classic Car Owners Face

What to do about your classic car oil leak

Car Batteries and Other Classic Car Electrical Problems

Classic Car Batteries & Electrical Problems

Retuning Your Classic Car for Today's Gas

Gas for antique cars: things to consider

Storing Your Generator For Future Use

Hurricane Irma vs. Hurricane Andrew

Boat fuel additives: watch out

Does oil help with noisy engines?

How Carbon Deposits Are Formed In An Engine

Recent Motorcycle Safety Innovations

More Comparisons of Multi-Purpose Grease

Different Lubricating Greases For Different Needs

Will You Pay More At The Pump This Summer?

Running Your Car On Vegetable Oil?

Getting Ready for Boating Season

Synthetic Oils In Classic Cars

How to Clean a Diesel Engine

Should You Clean Your Car's Engine?

Fuel Additives for Storage Are Not All the Same

Stabilizer Additives For The Gas You Store At Home

Diesel Fuel System Cleaners

Self-Driving Cars and Better Gas Mileage

How do you know when a car needs an oil change?

Sparkless Gas Engines: The Line Between Gas and Diesel Is Getting Blurry

Fuel Supplements: What's In A Name?

The Low Down on Gas Treatments for Cars

Do You Need An Ethanol Fuel Treatment?

Can A Bad Exhaust Cause Rough Idle?

Black Friday Fun

Boutique gasolines explained

How to know if you've got engine deposits

How to get a snowblower ready for winter

How do cold flow improvers work?

Biodiesel Problems - What You May Not Know

Detergents in gasoline can make a big difference to your car

How to use gas treatments

Why people buy the gas they do

Are ethanol issues still a concern?

Put money back in your pocket – Premium vs. Regular gas

Gas shortage in the Southeast - What's the outlook?

Avoiding Home Heating Oil Problems

How to store fuel (to make sure it's ready when you need it)

Recommendations for Performing a Diesel Engine Flush

Your Leaf Blower, Ethanol Fuel and What You Need To Know

Self-Driving Car Accidents - Tesla and Google

Are diesel fuel additives worth it?

Greasing Wheel Bearings: What To Know

Figuring Out Motorcycle Noises

Symptoms of Stale Gas

Storing fuel for generator use

Is there a motor oil shelf life?

Old Oil in Car Symptoms? Signs That It's Time For A Change

Essentials of Ethanol Fuel Stabilizers

Generator Fuel Tank Cleaning - When's the last time you did it?

Get The Most From Your Boat This Year

More Families Hitting The Road This Summer

How to Speed up your Boat

Treating Gas For Outboard Motors

Avoiding ATV Ethanol Problems

The Coast Guard's Advice For Staying Safe On The Water

2016 Hurricane Season Outlook: Get Ready

A Boat's Biggest Concern - Water In Fuel

Choosing a Marine Fuel Treatment: What To Look For

What Boat Fuel Problems Will You Face This Year?

Finding a "Female-Friendly" Mechanic

Preparing for Boating Season

Top Gardening Mistakes to Avoid During National Lawn and Garden Month

The Barrett Jackson Auto Auction: $130 million and counting

Handy Car Care Tips For National Car Care Month

What could top the Daytona 500?

Automotive AC Systems - Things You Can Do (And What's Best Left to the Pros)

Fuel Stabilizers for Car care: Necessary or Not?

The Ethanol Footprint: Good or Bad?

When Life Gives You Lemons, Make a Car List

Ethanol Fuel Injector Problems

Accidentally mixing gasoline and diesel fuel - What happens then?

How Much is Volkswagen on the Hook For?

Volkswagen's Competitors Weigh In On Emissions Cheating Scandal

What makes a good fuel stabilizer for your car?

The Unlikely Origins of the Smart Car

Self-driving cars are coming (if they can get over some hurdles)

Drivers loosen the purse strings - car loans top $1 trillion

One step closer to autonomous driving

Going back and forth about ethanol

Distracted Driving Can Be Really Expensive

The best time to buy auto tires and other parts you need

Why does my front end shake while braking?

Do home heating oil additives work?

Car Safety Scandals of Automotive Giant Proportions

More Cars That Captured Our Imagination

How to increase your winter gas mileage

Criminal Test Rigging By Volkswagen

Putting Kerosene In Your Diesel Engine or Tank

The stories behind car innovations we take for granted

Does diesel fuel go bad?

Cars that captured our imagination

Tesla Breaks The Consumer Reports Rating System

Fuel storage recommendations for everyone

Interesting fuel stuff - not just for business any more

Red diesel sludge lurking

Run-flat tires: benefits and drawbacks

Does Fuel Treatment Really Work? How to Know.

Gas mileage up, greenhouse gases down. And there was much rejoicing.

New car tech not a winner with every driver

Best Selling Cars of All Time Ford, Toyota or VW?

How to Make your Car Smart

Six Steps for Getting a Jet Ski Ready For Summer

Fuel Storage and Aged Fuel Issues - James on Engines #5

Low Engine Power and Poor Performance - James on Engines #4

Diagnosing Common Engine Noises - James on Engines #3

How To Remove Engine Sludge

How to check for engine sludge

Out With 10-and-2, In With 9-and-3 (Steering Wheel Hand Position)

Marine fuel treatment: Things to consider

Rough Running Engine - James on Engines #2

How to choose the best lawn mower additive

Engine Oil Consumption - James on Engines #1

Recognizing fuel problems in cars and light trucks

Gas Station Owner Uses Mix-i-Go Instead of Looking for Ethanol Free Gas

Breaking in a new car - has the old thinking changed?

Ready for a game changer? How about "Google in your Car"?

France says to diesel fuel users: "no more"

Cheap cars for the masses - Not what they really want?

Computers to put a man on the moon and get you around town

Electric cars pass 1 billion kilometers

Falling Gas Prices Impacting Ethanol For Consumers

The Best of the Year: Part 2 - Top 5 Hot Blog Topics for 2014

The Best of the Year: Part 1 - Hot Blog Topics for 2014

Holiday driving forecast: Busy with a chance of less pain at the pump

Greatest car of the 20th century?

Car Maker Aims To Conquer Market With 84-MPG Three Wheeled Car

Car Talk great Tom Magliozzi passes away

Any other good motorcycle oil additives?

Winterizing lawn tractors to ensure they are ready for next spring

Ethanol Problems: Infographic

Motorcycle oil additives Part 2: ZDDP

Winterizing a jet ski so it is ready for you in the spring

Little known cool facts about Concours classic cars

It’s spelled “Concours”, not “Concourse”

Beware of certain types of ethanol gas treatment

The New Technology Gadgets in Cars that up Your Car's Cool Factor

The secrets of a car salesman the manager doesn't want you to know

The latest dirt on “slick” oil treatment for motorcycles

World's largest "waste-to-ethanol" plant attracts royalty

Wake up your heating oil system with a hot cup of furnace oil additive

More signs to look for when you buy a used car

More ways to make your car last forever

Wait! Should you buy a used car? Check out these signs you shouldn't.

Drivers ask questions about hybrid cars - we give the answers

What's coming from the hood? 5 Signs you should pull over immediately

Ways to make your car last forever

The word from the engine makers: Gas additives for small engines

The 5 Worst Things a Mechanic Can Tell You

Coming soon - more potholes. Highway Trust Fund Running Out of Money

Summer driving checklist and Better gas mileage: The best of the blog from June & July

How to Wash Your Car the Right Way

Henry Ford's Garage (and more)

Ethanol and the environment - the news isn't all good

3 Reasons Why Commuters Should Embrace Diesel

Should You Go Hybrid? 10 Things to Consider First

Seven Reasons Why Your Next Commuter Car Should be a Diesel

No more tax breaks for ethanol in Australia

4 Biggest Misconceptions About Diesel Today

The Fast and the Furious, Finland style!

Eight Reasons Why Commuters Shouldn't be Afraid of Switching to Diesel

Why Car Companies Are Producing More Diesel Cars and Trucks in 2014

Diesel vs. Gasoline: Which Engine is a Better Fit for You?

Another hybrid misses the mark on gas mileage

Is Ethanol as Good for the Environment as We Thought?

Forget Hybrid, Think Diesel

Ethanol Free Gas - Easier Said Than Done

The Reason Why Ethanol Free Gas is So Hard to Find

Apps to Help You Find Ethanol Free Gas

Why Ethanol Free Gas Matters

Electric Cars: Great Idea, But Why So Expensive?

Why Ethanol Free Gas is Easier to Find in Some States

To Use A Fuel Additive In Ethanol-Free Gas In Your Lawn Mower or Not? That Is The Question.

Where Are You Likely to Find MTBE? Beware of Mixing Ethanol-Free Gas

Everyone Needs Someone to Rely on - National Hurricane Prep Week

The Best of the Bell Blog for April and May

Why is Oil Cheaper Than Biodiesel or Ethanol?

Choosing the Right Type of Fuel for Your Motorcycle

Your Automotive Checklist for Staying Safe this Summer

The Disadvantages of Adding Ethanol to Your Fuel

What CAFE Fuel Economy Standards Could Mean For You in 2016

How to Effectively De-Winterize Your 2-Cycle Equipment

More Good News for Tesla - Top 5 In Customer Perception

What to Look For When Buying a Used Boat

Industry Throws Up Its Hands on Cellulosic Ethanol Fuel

4 Things You Need to Know About Ethanol Fuel

Do You Know Elon Musk? If Not, You Should.

3 Tips for Maintaining the Performance of Your Older Vehicle

How a Mandate for Corn Ethanol Hurts Business - From the Source

Putting Ethanol Into Your Classic Car For The First Time

Your Checklist for Getting Your Small Equipment Back In The Game

Boat Safety Tips and Recommendations from the U.S Coast Guard

RIP William Clay Ford - His Legacy of Quality with the Mark II

Tips for Increasing the Fuel Efficiency of Your Boat

How Alfred Sloan and GM changed American history

Cost of Car Ownership Can Really Add Up

Generator Owners: How to Tell if You Have a Diesel Fuel Fungus Problem

Pre-Launch Checklist for Maintaining Your Boats Performance

Diesel Fuel Additives: Top 5 Things You Never Knew You Didn't Know

What to do When Storing Your Car for More than 30 Days

A move against E15 - Obama signs the Agricultural Act of 2014

How to Get Your Boat Ready for Boating Season

Automakers Get Hi-Tech with New Apps for Your Car

How to Tell if Ethanol is Destroying my Vehicle

Look Before You Pump

Preparing your Lawn Mower for Spring

Removing ethanol from E10? Another of our Best Topics From March

Barrett-Jackson Auto Show Coming Up

How Stale Gas Can Affect the Performance of Your Car

Top 3 Fuel Problems Facing Boat Owners

The Amelia Concours: The Best of the Best for classic cars

The Best Automotive April Fools Jokes

The Major Differences Between Ethanol and Gasoline

The Damaging Effects of Ethanol in Your Boats Fuel

Treating infected fuel - where do the fuel bugs go?

How to Make Your Small Truck Engine Feel Like New

How to Improve Gas Mileage without Damaging Your Engine

4 Poor Excuses for Not Utilizing a Fuel Additive

Preparing Your Home Heating System for Dormancy in the Summer

Best of the Blog - February

Solutions for gas tank treatment

Can an ethanol removal additive live up to its name?

The Most Common Signs of Engine Damage

How to Improve the Efficiency of Your Classic Car

How to Protect Your Classic Car from Modern Ethanol Fuel Problems

Bell Performance Attends Amelia Island 2014 Concours d’Elegance

Automakers preparing for E15 use in 2014

Your Checklist for De-Winterizing Your Boat

The Importance of Winterizing and Summerizing Your Small Equipment

Driving with Google Glass Could Cause Legal Troubles

What to do When Your Diesel Fuel Starts to Gel

Tips for Improving Your Car's Performance During the Winter Months

Water in Fuel - The No. 1 Fuel Concern for Boats & Watercraft

Your Checklist to Ensure You Aren't Robbing Your Boat of Horsepower

United States Navy Buys Biofuel

Regular Gasoline vs. Ethanol Gas for Motorcycles

Best of the Blog - January

Tips to Improve Your Motorcycle Fuel Economy

Nationwide motorcycle group speaks out against E15

Ethanol in Europe: New roadblocks crop up from across the Atlantic

The Proper Procedure for Breaking-in Your Motorcycle

The Biggest Fuel Problems Facing Motorcyclists

AAA expresses more concern about E15

The Importance of Using Motorcycle Oil Additives

Highlights from the Detroit Auto Show

5 Things We Do to Destroy Our Engines and How to Remedy Our Errors

More ways to extend the life of your car

How to Protect Your Car From Ethanol Damage

Good News For Drivers: Tesla Wakes The Sleeping Giant

Congress discusses reducing the ethanol requirement nationwide

Fighting oil sludge, getting rid of water, ethanol in premium gas - The Top 11 For The Year (Part II)

No ethanol in Florida, what causes black smoke, who's getting rich off gas - The Top 11 For The Year (Part I)

Does oil change affect performance?

Women Refueled - "What Do Most Women Know About Fuel?"

More gas mileage advice from the Hypermilers

How to Winterize a Diesel Engine

What Goes into the Price of a Gallon of Gas

The Best of the Blog - November

Ethanol critic talks about the end of the Florida Ethanol Mandate

Hope you had a great Thanksgiving. Ready for Cyber Monday?

Prevent Water in Fuel Tanks With These 3 Steps

What makes gas prices change?

Ferraris and Aston Martins! The Winter Park concourse d'Elegance wrap up

Ford Hybrid Mileage Claims: Revisions Going Forward

Bell Performance at the Concours D'Elegance

Unleaded gasoline and classic cars: A mechanic's viewpoint

Bell's Best of the Blog - October

Check Engine Light. Ethanol Gas. Is there a connection?

Hurricane Sandy One Year Later: Making Sure Storm Victims Can Buy Gas

Octane and Mileage: Does low octane hurt your gas mileage?

Maintaining a Gas Generator: Do this one thing to protect your investment

Electric Cars: Not as Green as you Think?

Best of the Blog - September

Better gas mileage-Tires Manufacturer Dishes Tips

Engine oil treatment - what one can and cannot do

Is Running Your Car Low On Gas Bad for Your Fuel System?

Electric car prices finally going down

Car Care Tips for Women

Best of the Blog - August

What does E15 mean?

Fuel Contaminants: Rounding up the Usual Suspects

The Quest For More MPG

Bell Performance in Trinidad

Car Care Tips for College Students

Calculating Fuel Mileage

Best of the Blog - July

Who's against E15? Motorcyclists and Antique Car Owners for a few.

North America poised to leave OPEC in the dust?

New plan to export natural gas has debate stirring

Diesel Fuel Treatment - Who's Using What?

Think you can buy a car without going to a dealer? Think again

Supreme Court: We Don't Want To Hear About Ethanol

Best of the Bell Blog - June

Fuel stabilizer for boats: Why do I need one?

Tips on Buying a Fuel Efficient Car

Using Premium Fuel In Your Vehicle

Update on lawsuit over ethanol's cousin: MTBE in Fuel

Florida Ethanol Mandate Gets The Boot From Governor Rick Scott

Best of the Bell Blog for May

Hitting the road this summer? Read this first!

The History of Ethanol Use in US: How Did We Get Here?

Small engine performance tips

What were you doing in The Sixties?

Essential Knowledge About Ethanol Additives For Boats

Maine on the brink of banning ethanol, steps back from the ledge

Budapest to Bamako Rally - Bell's X-tra Lube was along for the ride

Phase Separation = Water + E10

The 1950s - Another Impossible Barrier Broken

Brazil Ethanol Production: Why are they so good at it?

Which engine oil additive is best?

Bell's Best of the Blog - April

1940-1949: Post-war Prosperity and Ambition

Fuel Stabilizer for Motorcycles: Keeping Fuel Fresh

1930-1939: An Empire State of Mind

Spring lawn mower maintenance: A brief checklist

1920-1929: Lindy Conquers The Ocean (But Did He Have Mix-I-Go?)

The Best Gas for Small Engines? Just like butter - Fresh Is Best

A century of innovation starting in 1909

Flex Fuel Conversion - How To Make A Car Go From E15 to E85

Bell's Best of the Blog - March

Engine Lubricant - When is Synthetic Not Synthetic?

What is "Peak Oil"?

Oops...someone put diesel in President Obama's gasoline limo

Ethanol fuel stabilizers

Budget Hawks Debate Spending on US Navy Biofuel Program

Why are gas prices going up?

RIP Mr. Edsel

Bell's Best of the Blog - February

People Buy What you Believe - Lessons from the Sam Langley Story

Business Person of the Month

Hybrid Cars and Gas Mileage: Are You Getting What You Pay For?

Maine Seeks To Ban E15 Due to Fuel Problems - Other States To Follow?

Bell's Best of the Blog - January

The Rise of the Aftermarket - More Keeping Older Cars Than Ever

Top Trends in Diesel Fuel Storage for 2013 - Stabilizers and more

Speaking From Experience - How To Sell Around The World

Little Things That Can Help You Save Money on Gas

More Talk on E15 Warranty Issues

Is E15 Ethanol Safe? AAA Says 'Don't Use E15', Cite Warranty Issues

Passion, Motivation and Action - Things We Can All Use

The Top Five: The Best of the Year At The Bell Blog

Best of the Year @ The Blog: Part I

Bell Helps Save Government Dollars with Fuel Additives

Ask The Mechanic: Carburetor vs Fuel Injection

Bell Performance In Transport Topics Magazine: Water In Diesel Fuel

The World Is Flat - Bell Performance Goes International

5 Things That Are Costing You Money & Destroying Your Vehicle

Bell's Best of the Blog - November

Are Vehicle Mileage Ratings Accurate? The EPA vs Real Life

Let's Give Thanks! Gas Prices Falling For Thanksgiving

Eliminate Water in Generator Fuel with Ethanol Defense

Getting Good Gas Mileage - The 3 Engine Components You Need to Check

Did You Know There’s Water in your Diesel Fuel?

Engine Deposits Cutting Your Fuel Mileage?

Best of the Bell Blog - October

What You & Your Family Must Know About Frankenstorm

Diesel Fuel Gelling - Get Prepared for the Coming Cold Weather

What octane gas should I use?

Oil Sludge: A Sticky Subject For Your Engine's Health

Does premium gas have ethanol in it?

Your Gas Could Feed More Than 20 People

Bad news for drivers - more automakers approve E15 use

Best of the Bell Blog - September

States Backtracking on Ethanol Gas Requirements

Get Better Gas Mileage By Learning From The Hypermilers

Gunky gas shuts down northern drivers: Indiana Gas Recall

How Often Should I Change My Oil?

Packing It Up: Part II - Winterizing Inboard Boat Motors

Packing It Up - Steps to Winterize Your Boat Part I: Outboards

Bell's Best of the Blog - August

Better gas mileage standards just announced

Where can I find ethanol free gas? What state are you in?

Talking About Scrapping The Ethanol Gas Mandate (For Now)

Fuel Additives That Work?

Are Fuel Additives Worth it?

Refinery Fire & High Ethanol Prices = High Ethanol Gas Prices

The Best Ethanol Fuel Additive? Depends on who you ask

Motorcycle Manufacturer Gets Sued Because of Ethanol Gas

Bell's Best of the Blog - July

"Cellulosic Ethanol Fuel": Ethanol Production Mandate Can't Be Met

Top Tips To Be Ready For Storm Season - Wherever You Are

Natural Gas Could Be A Big Boon For US

Happy July 4th! How's Shell Oil celebrating? Brazilian Ethanol

Bell's Best of the Blog - June

Six Tips For Better Fuel Mileage

Coming Up - 25 Winners of Free Stuff! Will You Be One of Them?

Better Gas Mileage Means Lighter Cars Coming

Ethanol In Gas Makers Feeling The Squeeze

Big Surprise - New Study Finds E15 Engine Damage

Best of the Blog: May (Ethanol Gas, Diesel Problems, Politics)

Gas Prices Dropping (For Once!)

Hindsight is 20-20: Ethanol Gas 7 Years Later

Is All Gas The Same, Ethanol Free or Not?

Ethanol Policy: The Politics of Ethanol Gas

Ethanol Defense - Your Best Defense Against Ethanol Problems

Bell's Best of the Blog: April

Brake Service: Making Sure You Can Stop | National Car Care Month

Bell Performance on AM740 This Saturday - Ethanol and Boats and more

Congress Considers Law to Protect Producers of Ethanol in Gas

Ethanol and Older Cars - National Car Care Month

Coolant System Service - National Car Care Month

E15 Problems - 15% Ethanol Gas Now Coming To You

Car Care Tips for Keeping Your Vehicle Longer

Bell's Best of the Blog: March - Ethanol Free Gas & More!

Dispensing Caps Are Here - Give Them A Squeeze

Taking Care Of Your Heating Oil Systems - New Resource Guide

Ethanol Free Fuel - Another Warning MTBE and Ethanol

ACE is the place in Atlanta - Ace Hardware Show Atlanta 2012

Calling All Riders - 2012 Daytona Bike Week

Bell's Best of the Blog: February

The Bell Performance Guide to Motorcycle Maintenance

Ethanol Gas at Daytona - A Case for Ethanol Free Gas

Free To You - Bell Performance's Healthy Oil Resource Download

What Cetane Value Does in Diesel Engines

Current Tax Debate Could Spell Ethanol Free Trouble

Bell's Hometown Hosts National Biodiesel Conference

Finding More Ethanol Free Gas

Bell Performance Best of the Blog: January

Electric Cars - Nothing New Under The Sun

What Does Octane Do In Gasoline? Octane Ratings

Finding Ethanol Free Gas

Bell Performance looks toward 2012

Year In Review: Best of the Blog, Part II

Year In Review: Best of the Blog for 2011, Part I

The 12 Days of Mix-I-Go: Day #12

The 12 Days of Mix-I-Go: Day #11 - Big Daddy

The 12 Days of Mix-I-Go: Day #10 - Much Ado About Octane

The 12 Days of Mix-I-Go: Day #9 - Mix-I-Go Gets More Juice

The 12 Days of Mix-I-Go: Day #8 - The Official Verdict on Mix-I-Go

The 12 Days of Mix-I-Go: Day #7 - Mix-I-Go Takes To The Air!

The 12 Days of Mix-I-Go: Day #6 - The Faces of Mix-I-Go

The 12 Days of Mix-I-Go: Day #5 - Mix-I-Go Around The World!

The 12 Days of Mix-I-Go: Day #4 - Hydrofuel!

The 12 Days of Mix-I-Go: Day #3 - 1927 vs Today

The 12 Days of Mix-I-Go: Day #2 - Mix-I-Go and Ethanol

The 12 Days of Mix-I-Go: Day #1 - How Mix-I-Go Was Born

How to Check Gas Mileage

Bell's Best of the Blog: November

Let's Give Thanks!

What does Bell Performance have to do with Social Media?

What You May Not Know About Ethanol & Computerized Engine Control

Brown Sludge? MTBE and Ethanol Don't Mix

Bell's Best of the Blog: October

Healthy Oil Series: 6 Quick Lube Pitfalls-Get the Best Oil Change

Healthy Oil Series: Is Synthetic Oil Worth It?

Healthy Oil Series: What's Severe Service For My Engine Oil?

Healthy Oil Series: How Often Should I Change My Oil?

Healthy Oil Series: Combating and Removing Engine Oil Sludge

New Video: Preparing Your Home Heating Oil System for Winter

Daytona Biketoberfest: Made In The USA

Bell's Best of the Blog: September

Get Your Home Heating Oil Furnace Ready For Winter - Part II

Get Your Home Heating Oil Furnace Ready For Winter - Part I

Winterizing Boats 2: More on Getting Your Boat Ready For Winter

Winter Small Engine Care - Advice

Lawn Equipment Maintenance: What you need to know for winter storage.

Winterizing Boats Part 1: Getting Your Boat Ready For Winter

Why Aren't Gas Prices Dropping?

Are Anti-Ethanol Treatments Worth It?

The New and Improved Bell Performance Web Site

Bell's Best of the Blog: August

Back To School: Never Stop Learning-Get Schooled at WeFixFuel.com

News From the Boat Front: New Fuel Lines and Ethanol Damage

Bell's Best of the Blog: July

High Gas Prices and the Debt Ceiling Debate

Beat The Summer Driving Heat - Should you let your car idle and more.

Let Freedom Ring! Happy Fourth of July from Bell Performance

Bell's Best of The Blog: June Fuel and Lube Performance and Car Care

We Like Ike's Interstates! Better summer road trips for 55 years.

Changing Your Oil In The Summer - Summer Car Care Tip

Hurricane Preparedness: Families, Municipalities & Fuel Storage

Summer Car Care Tips - Check Your Tires!

A Salute to Dads & Cars For Father's Day

Ready, Set, Save: 3 Tips for Summer Road Trip Savings

Bell's Best of The Blog: May Fuel and Lube Performance Ideas

What Else Influences Gasoline Prices Beyond The Cost of Oil?

How fast do fuel additives work? Depends on what you're using.

Bell's Best of The Blog: April Fuel Performance Ideas

Car Care Tips For Better Gas Mileage

4 Steps to Summerizing Your Oil Furnace and Home Heating System

Was It Ever Gone? Ethanol Makes Another Comeback

10 Ways To Show Your Car Some Love - Tips for National Car Care Month

Ethanol Problems Facing Consumers - A Primer

$10,500 Reasons to Eliminate Water in Fuel

LPG Fueled Vehicles Coming Soon

Drivers Keeping Cars Longer - Maintenance for Older Cars

WFTV Action 9 Finds More Ethanol in Gas Than Advertised

Small Engine Problems Caused by Ethanol: Mix-I-Go Small Engine

Merry Christmas From Bell Performance

Fuel Mileage Dropping? Blame The Winter Blend Gasoline

An Inconvenient About Face on Ethanol in Gasoline by Al Gore

Food Cost Increases Tied To Ethanol Use in Gasoline

E15 Approved By The EPA

Ethanol Blends Are Wreaking Havoc on Small Engines

Video: Ethanol Problems in Marine Engines

Putting the Brakes on 15% Ethanol: Problems with Ethanol Blends

Ethanol, Ethanol, It's Everywhere!

Fuel Additives to Winterize Boats, Motorcycles, Small Equipment

The Elements of Better Gas Mileage

Bell Performance Shows How to Reduce Friction in Engines

Free Report: Ethanol Problems Facing Consumers

Proposed Increase in Ethanol Could Cause Even More Problems

Boating this weekend? Look out for ethanol problems.

Six Easy Tips for Better Lawnmower Maintenance

Finally! Real Tips for Gas Savings