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Are diesel fuel additives worth it?

Posted by: Erik Bjornstad

“Are diesel fuel additives worth it?”

are diesel fuel additives worth itThat’s a difficult question to answer unless we know some things.

The answer to the question of Are They Worth It depends on what you want them to do, and how much that’s worth to you. And it also depends on how these answers compare to what it costs you to use the diesel fuel additive.

So the answer to “are diesel fuel additives worth it” really hinges on their cost and what you’re expecting them to do.

Asking The Right Questions


In sales, when discussing an opportunity with a potential client, you’re trained to ask questions that follow a series of related topics.   What are your goals? What challenges are you facing that may be keeping you from reaching your goals? What are the consequences of not doing anything about these challenges? How much will they cost you?

We’ll ask these questions because it helps us to get to the meat of the issue. What are you really trying to do and how much is it worth to you to accomplish that?

Whether you’re talking about fixing your air conditioner or considering a diesel fuel additive, it’s worth asking these questions. 

The Right Answers

You can’t really answer a question like “are diesel fuel additives worth it” without knowing the value of what you want it to do. And there are lots of different additives that do different things.  A hospital that stores emergency fuel for future use has a big incentive to make sure that fuel works, because if it doesn’t, it will cause problems that have huge costs associated with them.  So when they ask, when they consider using a diesel fuel additive in their stored fuel in order to make sure it works during an emergency, whether that diesel fuel additive is worth it, the answer is most likely yes. Because there’s no diesel fuel additive that costs more than even a fraction of what the consequences of not using it would cost them.  Failure in this answer could cost thousands and thousands of dollars. 

Chances are, you’re not a hospital (though, if you do run a hospital, you know what we're talking about). No matter whether you run a fleet of diesel buses, or you just have one VW diesel car, you still have to ask these questions. What’s it worth to you to keep things the way they are?

Most fleets use diesel fuel additives to keep their diesel vehicles running at top condition. To get better mileage. Reduce maintenance outlays. For these kind of goals, the value of achieving them can be pretty high, especially when compared to the actual cost of the diesel fuel additive they use. Businesses don’t use “one shot” bottles of STP or something like that. They use concentrated diesel fuel additives that might cost them three or four cents a gallon to use. When you balance the value of the benefits vs. the cost of the additive, the answer to the question is a resounding Yes. Diesel fuel additives are worth it for them.

And if you’re a consumer, luckily you have access to the same kind of commercial-grade diesel fuel additives that these businesses use. You don’t have to spend ten bucks a tank to treat your diesel fuel. If you use a concentrated diesel fuel additive, it might cost you a buck and a half. Which means you get the same answer as they do.

Diesel fuel additives are worth it.

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This post was published on August 19, 2016 and was updated on April 15, 2021.

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