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Additives for the Power Generation Industry

Fuel Additives for the Power Generation IndustryBell Performance has been serving the power generation industry since 1952 when Robert J. Bell formulated the first version of his Atom-Ix (also called ATX) multi-function treatment for fuel oil.
Large and small power utilities, industrial generation systems and municipal power generation facilities have all utilized Bell’s multi-function formulations to:
  • Improve heat generation
  • Improve furnace efficiency
  • Reduce slag deposition
  • Reduce cold-end corrosion
  • Keep their fuel oil delivery systems at peak operating order.

While coal and natural gas have overtaken heavy fuel oil for most of the U.S.’s large power generation capacity, today, fuel oil-fired generation facilities serve to power many industrial and municipal buildings and manufacturing depots. Bell Performance’s ATX line of treatment keep these facilities operating at peak performance while minimizing fuel-related issues that have plagued oil-fired furnace and boiler.

ATX For Boiler Furnace Systems


Bell Performance has manufactured ATX-950, ATX-1004D, 1018D, 1020D and other multi-function formulations for heavy fuel oil since before John F. Kennedy was president. ATX formulations for boiler furnaces provide:

  • Combustion catalyst surfactant
  • Deposit modifying effects in an oil-soluble formation.

ATX For Gas Turbine Systems

Gas turbine systems utilizing heavy fuel oil and bunker-type fuels require higher-quality treatments than boiler systems. Bell Performance offers turbine-grade over-based magnesium sulfonate treatments with the ATX T-Series additives - ATX-1100T and ATX-1400T. Both are designed to remediate high-temperature corrosion, molten deposit formation and acid gas emissions associated with high vanadium, high sulfur residual fuel oils.

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