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Check out The Fuel Pulse Show Podcast

Check out The Fuel Pulse Show Podcast

Check out The Fuel Pulse Show Podcast

Check out The Fuel Pulse Show Podcast

Check out The Fuel Pulse Show Podcast

Check out The Fuel Pulse Show Podcast

Check out The Fuel Pulse Show Podcast

Check out The Fuel Pulse Show Podcast

Check out The Fuel Pulse Show Podcast
Check out The Fuel Pulse Show Podcast

Fuel Pulse Fuel Testing


Who Needs Fuel Pulse

The Fuel-Pulse program from Bell Fuel & Tank Services was created for everyone who relies on stored fuel to get the job done. This means governments and municipalities, hospitals and health care groups, fuel polishers, generator owners and service companies, telecom and data centers – anyone for whom stored fuel is essential for them to function.

Fuel Testing for Stored Fuel Is Important For Whom?

Groups that either store fuel to use it themselves or which serve a customer base that relies heavily on stored fuel and fuel storage tanks. These are groups like state and local municipalities – what we would term government entities.  Hospitals and health care facilities. Fuel polishers. Generator users, as well as the generator service companies that provide the service for these users. And plenty of others who use stored fuel. They’re all being impacted by these fuel changes.

Why Fuel Testing Is Important For Government Entities & Municipalities

Check out The Fuel Pulse Show Podcast

Government and municipal entities offer essential services to residents in exchange for tax revenue, including sanitation, water, infrastructure maintenance, schools, fire, police, and health departments. Stored fuel plays a vital role in these functions, powering service vehicles and backup generators at critical locations like fire and police stations during emergencies.

The Fuel Pulse Program from Bell Fuel & Tank Service serves these entities by ensuring their stored fuel's health. If fuel quality falters, essential services may fail, posing serious issues for constituents. Fuel Pulse Fuel Testing is crucial to proactively monitor stored fuel conditions, preventing untimely disruptions and enabling these entities to fulfill their duties without unexpected setbacks.

Why Fuel Testing Is Important For Hospitals & Health Care Facilities

Hospitals and healthcare facilities depend on stored fuel for crucial emergency backup functions, ensuring uninterrupted critical care provision. Catastrophic generator failures during events like Katrina and Superstorm Sandy underscore the high stakes, resulting in institutional liability and regulatory scrutiny.

Given the vital nature of these services, regulatory bodies like AHCA mandate strict attention to stored fuel and emergency generators for healthcare facilities. Compliance with specific regulations, such as AHCA's annual fuel testing to meet ASTM D-975 requirements, is imperative.

Fuel Pulse plays a pivotal role here. Whether aiding in meeting AHCA's stringent mandates or empowering proactive fuel monitoring, Fuel Pulse becomes an indispensable partner for healthcare facilities. By ensuring compliance and offering tools for predictive fuel management, Fuel Pulse assists healthcare facilities in fulfilling their essential responsibilities.

Why Fuel Testing Is Important For Fuel Polishers

Fuel polishers differ from the previous two groups in that they don’t have stored fuel themselves, but their key service revolves around servicing the fuel of their customers.  For their customers, engaging the services of a fuel polisher revolves around both solving of existing problems in their fuel and preserving it for the future so they can continue getting the job done while avoiding nasty surprises.  

Since the business of fuel polishing revolves around the servicing of other peoples’ stored fuels, the problems fuel polishers might have in this context are more about the problems of their customers that they get blamed for. Which can very easily impact the credibility of their business, right or wrong.

What can Fuel-Pulse do for them?  Fuel-Pulse can help them differentiate themselves from the shady operators in the industry because they can prove to their customers that the service did what they said it did. Partnering with Fuel-Pulse through Bell Fuel & Tank Services sets forward-thinking fuel polishers apart from the pack.

Why Fuel Testing Is Important For Generator Owners and Service Companies

Another significant market sector reliant on stored fuel comprises backup generator owners and associated service providers. These generator owners span various critical businesses such as grocery stores, data centers, and telecom operations. While these entities focus on their core operations, keeping generators functional is crucial.

Similar to fuel polishers, generator dealers and service providers face fuel-related challenges. Fuel quality directly impacts their ability to deliver consistent generator performance to customers, and any failure reflects on them.

Fuel Pulse addresses their needs by offering fuel testing as a pivotal tool. It informs generator owners of potential fuel issues and empowers service providers to uphold their value proposition. Partnering with Fuel Pulse enhances their ability to ensure reliable backup power solutions.

When’s The Last Time You Had Your Fuel Tested?

Perhaps you fall into these categories. Like storage tanks, you might be obligated to conduct fuel testing periodically, especially if you're part of critical facilities like hospitals. For others, the norm is a reactive approach - no visible issues, no concerns. However, even yearly fuel sampling and testing can preemptively detect and address potential problems. Without testing, crucial issues may remain unseen or looming ahead.

Fuel-Pulse Gives You The Right Answers, So You Can Take The Right Action

The Fuel-Pulse program was created by Bell Fuel & Tank Services to cut through these questions with clear and correct answers for whatever situation you’re in.

Fuel Pulse: What Sets It Apart

What Makes Fuel Pulse Different from Other Options Out There?

The Fuel Pulse program from Bell Fuel & Tank Services fills a growing need in the marketplace – the need for a complete solution for condition monitoring and testing of today’s stored fuels. Fuel-Pulse combines leading edge technologies with customizable capabilities that allow for each customer to get what’s right for them.

What Sets Fuel Pulse Apart?

What makes Fuel Pulse different? The combination of best-practice recommendations, data analysis and customized solution recommendations, to ensure customers get what they need to solve and prevent problems where they are at.

The Fuel Pulse Difference: Every Tank Is Different, So You Get The Right Recommendations For You

The Fuel Pulse testing and monitoring program, including ATP By Filtration technology, gives stored fuel users and managers the ability to make the best decisions for them. And that means recognizing that every tank and storage system is different.

Fuel Pulse customers don’t find themselves having to rely on recommendations based on what’s going on in other people’s tanks. Different geographies bring different problems that require customized solutions. That’s what Fuel-Pulse does.

The Fuel Pulse Difference: Giving You A Helping Hand Along The Way

Fuel Pulse professionals are dedicated to making sure stored fuel customers and managers understand what’s going on where they’re at. They cut through the technicalities and complications of stored fuel monitoring and managements, to make life simple for stored fuels professionals.

The Fuel Pulse program from Bell Fuel & Tank Services helps you keep a finger on the pulse of your fuel.


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