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Interesting fuel stuff - not just for business any more

Posted by: Erik Bjornstad

Have you checked out our B2B blog recently?

Bell_Performs___Commercial_Blog___Bell_PerformanceWe’ve had our consumer blog “Fuel Additives For Performance” for about four years now. It currently sees about 20,000 visits per month from people looking for information on the kinds of things that the average person is interested in. So we try to stick to topics that consumers care about – gas issues, protecting expensive small engine equipment, getting more MPGs out of your car - plus the occasional info piece like the background of the VW Bug or what the latest happenings are with electric cars like Tesla.

We also have another sister blog that’s geared towards the issues that businesses and “B2B” people care about. We’re banking on the fact that a lot of you would probably find some of those subjects interesting yourselves, even if you think of yourself as a “consumer”, not a “business person”.

What kind of things do we talk about on our B2B Bell Performs Commercial Blog?

  • How to choose the best biocide to keep your fuel problem free
  • Upcoming rule changes that will affect the quality of your diesel and gas
  • Getting rid of black smoke in diesel engines
  • Why mileage changes in the summer vs. the winter

The B2B blog is written primarily from a business point of view. But that that doesn’t mean it’s only for business people.  Anyone can read these articles and anyone can subscribe to the blog for periodic updates on all the new and interesting articles posted. In fact, we welcome you to come over and check it out for yourself

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This post was published on August 11, 2015 and was updated on February 27, 2019.