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A Bell Performance Review: A Satisfied Customer All-Around

Posted by: Bell Performance

We try to encourage our customers to let us know how they like their purchases, and many times we will hear from customers who started using Bell Performance products in the 80s or 70s or even before.

fuel_additive_mix_i_go_16_large1_large-1One of our friends, Dale S., sent a couple of emails to us because he simply had a lot of things say when we asked him to tell us how he liked what he purchased. Apparently, Dale likes to use Bell products in just about every kind of fuel and oil he uses.  We certainly won't argue with that:

I have used Bell products since about 1995. I am very satisfied with the products.  DeeZol has reduced opacity 75% at the emission testing time for my truck.  The Oil additive has made a audible difference in my Dodge 01 since I started using it. And Mix-I-Go has been a great product in my gas/ethanol mix for car and small motor equipment. 

Winter driving fuel economy has improved 11% on a 2000 mile trip in November. Savings for us on the trip was $45. During our winter months here in the NW, I often encounter moisture in my diesel. Using Dee-Zol removes the moisture and I get smooth acceleration. After extremely heavy rains my Dodge accelerates with unevenly. I add extra Dee-Zol and the problem disappears. I used the Oil Additive (X-tra Lube) in wife's Lexus (99) with over 200K and experienced a 1 mile/gal improvement.

I've been using products from Bell for many years. I also use Mix-I-Go in my chain saw fuel and other small engines. It extends their use time and keeps the moisture out of the fuel. Makes for easier starts and longer running.

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X-TRA Lube Oil Additive

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