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X-tra Lube Oil Treatment Treats Your Engine, Not Just The Oil

Lubricants That Perform Miracles By Resurfacing The Metal

Search the store shelves for oil “additives” and you’ll get a bunch of them. Oil thickeners, stabilizers, enzyme treatments, even additives with Teflon (heard of those?).

There is one treatment that have been on the market since 1983, that far surpasses all of these pretenders – X-TRA LUBE.

What’s the secret to the most effective and revolutionary oil treatment on the market today? Treating the metal, not the oil.

Metal surfaces, no matter how polished they may appear, reveal microscopic peaks and valleys. When two metal surfaces come in contact, friction is created with these uneven surfaces, which causes wear, heat buildup and greater use of energy by the machine.

In an engine, the resulting wear creates low spots and wear patterns in areas like camshafts, lifters, gears and bearings. Not only this but particle contaminants build up in the oil over time and cause scratches and scores in the metal surfaces. Loss of compression, poor ring seal, blow-by and fuel dilution of the oil are all undesirable results of this.

Bell Performance formulated its X-TRA LUBE line of oil treatments to combat this problem. Unlike conventional oil thickeners and stabilizers that may claim to reduce friction or increase oil lubricity, X-tra Lube actually resurfaces the metal by filling the scratches, scores and imperfections in the metal surface.

This creates two super-slick metal surfaces that may run together with substantially reduced friction and heat. Oil lubricity is improved and extended; engine temperature goes down as your vehicle runs smoother at a lower temperature.

Most people know the majority of friction and wear in an engine’s life happens during cold starts as the engine turns over before the oil has had a chance to circulate everywhere it needs to go. Enter Bell Performance X-tra Lube. It’s surface-treating formulation puts a stop to cold start friction.

Why should you use X-tra Lube oil treatment from Bell Performance?

  • Longer engine life due to less cold starting wear

  • Increases in torque and compression, especially in older engines

  • Protection against low oil pressure and oil loss

  • Quieter engine operation with lower temperature

  • Improved mileage and performance

  • Reduce emissions

No matter what kind of vehicle or engine you have, there’s an X-TRA LUBE oil treatment product that’s right for you.

NOTE: X-tra Lube is not recommended for use in automatic transmissions or motorcycle wet clutches.

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