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Cleaner and Quieter Boats: Boating Business Saves with Dee-Zol

Posted by: Bell Performance

“I recently conducted my own personal test of your product Dee-Zol. I filled my two one-hundred gallon fuel cells with diesel, using a ½ qt of Dee-Zol per tank.  I filled the two rear tanks with 50 gallons each, with no Dee-Zol. As I burned the first few tanks, with the additive, I noticed less motor vibration; the motor actually sounded quieter.  The boat seemed to have a 1.5 to 2.5-knot increase at the same rpm I normally cruise.  Twenty minutes after transferring the untreated fuel to the now empty tanks in front, you could tell things were not the same.  I’ve also noticed with continued use of the product, that there’s less black soot to clean up.  We normally average 1.3 miles to the gallon at 3000 rpm; with Dee-Zol we average 1.4 to 1.45 miles to the gallon.  I only endorse products that I feel work, and that I would recommend to my friends and contacts within the industry.  I would recommend this product for anyone who owns a diesel engine.”
Boating Business Operator, Florida

Dee-Zol Marine

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