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Long Haul Trucker Gets Better MPG and More with Dee-Zol

Posted by: Bell Performance

"We have been in the trucking business for years and have been using Dee-Zol for the last six months.  We have a Kenworth with a 350 Cummins engine; it has 185,000 miles on it.

When we started using Dee-Zol we noticed an increase in power right away, we have usually gained a whole gear in climbing hills.  This means an increase of 10-15 miles per hour faster.  This gets us there quicker and saves time on the road and time to truckers is money.

Dee-Zol.pngThe second thing was the ease in starting, on cold mornings it fires right up. It idles and runs smoother.

We have an increase in our miles per gallon of fuel.  Before using Dee-Zol we were getting 3.9 and now we are getting 5.1, an increase of 1.2 miles per gallon.  This means every time we fuel up our 200-gallon fuel tanks we’re going to get 240 more miles to that fuel than we did before.  We have also only changed our fuel filter twice in the 6 months of using Dee-Zol; we’re used to changing it every two or three weeks without it.  This alone is saving a great deal in maintenance expenses.

In conclusion, we must say we love this product.  It has done wonders for our truck and we will definitely continue using it as long as we own a truck.”

Long Haul Trucker, California

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