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Diesel Marine Engines Cleaner with Marine Dee-Zol

Posted by: Bell Performance

“We have been using the Bell Marine Dee-Zol in our diesel engines for almost a year and to date we have treated 10 million gallons of fuel in our marine fleet.  Recently a borescope was used to inspect the cylinders and valves on the “Western Inlet”.  Diesel Marine Engines Cleaner with Marine Dee-ZolUpon examination, we noticed that the cylinders are so clean you can see the cross hatches on the cylinder walls.  The valves and pistons are noticeable cleaner as well.  In fact, when we removed the cylinder heads, the pistons were actually shining.  They were completely clean with no carbon whatsoever.  It looks like it had never had fuel in it.  Prior to your products, we used to replace two to three fuel pumps every 3 months.  Now with Marine Dee-Zol we are only replacing that in a year.

Our biggest savings has been in replacement parts.  The “Kenda” has not had a single injector replacement in one and a half years.  Previously it was common to replace up to four cylinders a year on our Detroit diesels, along with valves, etc.  we haven’t replaced any during the past year.  Overall there has been a substantial reduction in fuel system parts, filters and major engine parts.  But most importantly, emergency fixes have dropped substantially and we are more consistently on a normal maintenance program.

We have found the Bell products to be extremely cost effective and have substantially reduced our non-scheduled maintenance problems.”

Marine Fleet Company, California

Dee-Zol Marine

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