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"Super-Tane has definitely increased my acceleration..."

Posted by: Bell Performance

Marine_Dee-Zol_32oz.png“I am a U.S.C.G. Master licensed Captain and owner of a fishing charter business in Florida.  My vessel is a 45 foot Phantom Speed Fish with twin 315 Yanmar diesel engines.  We offer our clients a one day trip to the Florida Middle Grounds and beyond, frequently fishing in waters 100 to 125 nautical miles offshore.  Virtually all other charter boats in our area take two days to make this run.  Needless to say, engine performance is very important to us and is what makes out trip successful.

Super-Tane.pngFor several years we have been using Marine Dee-Zol with much success. I found it gave us better fuel economy and engine performance.  So when I was introduced to Bell’s Super-Tane cetane boost, I had high hopes.  As usual, Bell Performance came through and my Yanmar engines are running at peak performance.  Super-Tane has definitely increased my acceleration and will be included in every fill up of fuel.”

Fishing Charter Business, Madeira Beach, Florida

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