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Super-Tane Cetane Boost for Diesel Fuel

cetane boosterDiesel fuels with higher cetane ratings tend to make for better driving experiences for operators of large and small diesel vehicles, like heavy trucks, tractors, and buses.

  • Having diesel fuel with an adequate cetane rating can make the difference between making it up that hill under full load in the same gear or having to consistently up and downshift because the power isn’t there for you.
  • It can make the difference between a quick start on a cold morning and a heavy truck that takes too long to crank and fire and start the workday.
  • Having diesel fuel with the right cetane rating makes your DPF system last longer between regeneration cycles because you don't have excess partially-burned fuel filling up the canister at a faster rate than intended.

Poor cetane rating of the diesel fuel makes for a noisy, rough running engine with less power that takes longer to start in colder weather. Rough and noisy engine operation can result from the engine fighting through the effects of some of the fuel not igniting at the proper time in the ignition cycle.  Poor startup ignition stems from the cold diesel engine needing to build up enough heat to cause the fuel to self-ignite, which becomes increasingly more difficult and takes longer if all of the diesel fuel is not geared to igniting at precisely the right time.

In short, diesel fuel with a high cetane rating gives vehicle operators better acceleration, more power, less black smoke on start-up, and lower emissions. Engines running higher cetane diesel fuel will also tend to be quieter and operate more smoothly.  All of this stems from the higher cetane rating of the fuel causing more of the fuel to combust more easily while under compression in the diesel engine.

super_tane_quart_gallonHow to raise your diesel fuel cetane rating for better performance? Just add Bell Performance SUPER-TANE diesel fuel treatment.

The typical ultra-low sulfur diesel fuel in the United States contains a minimum rating of 40, but is usually between 42-45 points.  Premium diesel fuels have higher cetane ratings closer to 50-55.  The addition of Bell Performance SUPER-TANE cetane improver will turn regular diesel fuel into a premium diesel fuel by raising the cetane rating from 4-8 points, for a fraction of the cost difference of buying premium diesel fuel to get this benefit.

What’s more, cetane boosters like SUPER-TANE differ from other types of fuel treatments in that their effects are immediate and noticeable to the driver with a short time of addition to the fuel  This differs from other, albeit important types of treatments such as lubricity improvers and detergents, which serve important functions for vehicle health and performance, but which may take time to have their full and complete effect.

If you want less black diesel smoke, more power up hills, fewer DPF system hassles, and just a better and more pleasant driving experience, you need SUPER-TANE.


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