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Better Gasoline with Mix-I-Go

The MIX-I-GO formula, first developed by Robert J. Bell way back in 1927, is formulated to solve most fuel-related problems in gasoline and ethanol-blends. Over decades of use by thousands of consumers, the formula has been modified and updated with top quality ingredients, but the basic functions of formula have remained the same. While pretenders have come and gone over the years (and will continue to), the MIX-I-GO formulation continues to stand alone as the best fuel treatment on the market.

Like its sister product Marine MXO, MIX-I-GO boasts a concentrated multi-function formula that reduces and eliminates virtually all major fuel-related problems that consumers face today.

MIX-I-GO is EPA-approved and will address all major fuel-related issues for gasoline and ethanol:

  • Improves compression, power and fuel economy (for better mileage and performance)
  • Provides top cylinder lubrication to protect rubber and plastic fuel system and engine parts from damaging ethanol solvency
  • Removes damaging and performance-robbing deposits from injectors and combustion chambers (which can build up when ethanol dissolves fuel system parts)
  • Controls and removes water buildup (stabilizing gasoline and ethanol, preserving its peak fuel quality and preventing water-related engine damage)

“Mix-I-Go keeps an old engine purring at 265,000 miles... I have a 1998 Honda Accord with over 265,000 miles on it and friends are always talking about how quiet and smooth the engine runs. I know that your fuel additive really helps to keep my machine purring and trouble free." -Patrick, Loyal Customer

Cities and municipalities that normally use premium unleaded fuels for their police and other fleets have found that MIX-I-GO in regular unleaded fuel will outperform more expensive premium gasoline and ethanol blends. This puts money back in their pocket. It will do the same for you.

Don’t let ethanol blends cost you more than they need to. Restore your vehicle’s performance and protect your investment with the granddaddy of fuel treatments – the oldest and most trusted in the market, MIX-I-GO.


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