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Bell Performance Diesel Fuel Additives

Commercial-Grade Fuel Additive for Diesel Engines, Boats and Watercraft

Like its sister product for gasoline Mix-I-Go, Dee-Zol has been providing value and solving problems for customers for decades. First developed in 1957, Dee-Zol is the most complete high-quality diesel additive in the marketplace today.

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Diesel fuel really benefits from fuel additives because it doesn’t burn as cleanly as gasoline does. Diesel engines also tend to last longer and get dirtier than gasoline engines. And with the federal detergent additive requirements for diesel not being the same as gasoline, diesel engines cry out for quality fuel treatment to prevent diesel fuel-related issues like black smoke, poor mileage, water build-up , lubricity and cold flow problems (in the winter).

Dee-Zol’s multi-purpose concentrated formula increases mileage and horsepower, lowers the cetane requirement of the engine (for easier starting and better performance), reduces pollutants and black smoke, and removes harmful water buildup that can damage injectors. Dee-Zol’s powerful detergent package keeps diesel injectors and combustion chambers clean and in peak working order, bringing dirty diesel engines back to like-new condition and function.

Just one ounce of Dee-Zol treats up to 10 gallons of diesel fuel and biodiesel blends.

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