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Racing Team has been "particularly impressed with" our oil additive.

Posted by: Bell Performance

“I have been particularly impressed with your oil additive.  Prior to using it, I used to throw away about a half dozen rod bearings each race.  When racing a Funny Car that can generate about 5000 HP on nitro methane the explosive force within the combustion chamber will pound the piston rod down on the crankshaft and you can see the babbit in the rod bearing sort of moved away from top dead center toward the sides – kind of mushed out.  With your product, I have not replaced a single bearing the last two races and overall, for the season, I have been using less than ever.  I also noticed that the bearings are staying lubricated which helps absorb the pounding of the piston.  Before using the X-tra Lube, the bearings were almost dry because of the force of the piston squeezed the oil out of the bearing areas.

Recently my crankshaft cracked from the tremendous pressure being exerted on it.  Even with all the vibration and flex from the cracked crank, the bearings were still in good shape, so I used them with my new crankshaft.  Less wear on the bearing means less friction in the engine and more horsepower on the track.”

Racing Team, New Jersey

X-TRA Lube Oil Additive

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