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Drag Racer on X-tra Lube: "There was zero wear."

Posted by: Bell Performance

“I wanted to share with you my experience I had with your product during the recent drag racing season. I began using the X-tra Lube Concentrate during the season and completed over 100 passes down the strip with the product before sending my motor out to have it freshened for this year.

I received a call from the guy who does my engine work, suggesting that I come over and take a look at the motor right away. When I went to take alook, he advised me that he wasn’t sure what happened, but the bearings had been worn down to the copper. I picked up the bearings to take a closer look and they looked good to me. I did not see any low spots or evidence of wear. I then explained that I was using an additive from Bell called X-tra Lube that contained copper and lead. I explained that the purpose of the copper and lead is to impregnate the metal, filling any voids or worn areas. To confirm my observation, he took a micrometer and miced the bearing. There was zero wear. The copper and lead had actually grown the bearing up to the journal on the crankshaft. The filling action of the copper and lead created a better fit between the bearing and crankshaft journal than could be accomplished by machine. Consequently the old rod and main bearings were put back in the engine for next season.

Prior to using X-tra Lube, the bearings were sufficiently worn as evidenced by metal transfer and low spots such that the old ones were thrown away and new ones installed each year. I have also used Bell’s fuel treatment and lubricants in my towing vehicles and found them to be very beneficial there as well. I highly recommend these outstanding products to any racing fleet or industrial operation.”

Drag Racer, Illinois

X-TRA Lube Oil Additive

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