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X-tra Lube "saved me money and time on parts and servicing."

Posted by: Bell Performance

“I operate a Super Comp Dragster.  About 4 passes after treating with X-tra Lube, I noticed a reduction of about 25 degrees F in oil and water temperature.  I’ve had the pan off 3 times now, to check bearings, only to find no work was needed.  I now have over 320 passes on this engine in just over a year.  Previously I was having to re build every 75-100 passes.  X-tra Lube has certainly saved me money and time on parts and servicing, not just with the engine but also in the differential, which was running so cool that after 3 passes I can grab hold of the piston.  I also use the X-tra Lube Concentrate in my lawn mower and a generator on my race trailers.  Also with the X-tra Lube Grease on the wheel bearings on my race trailer, which in the past has been a consistent trouble area.  I highly recommend the X-tra Lube range of product to any motorist and especially in any high performance combination.”

Drag Racing Team, Florida

X-TRA Lube Oil Additive

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