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Big Rig Diesel Performance

Posted by: Bell Performance

When fuel prices trend upward during a recessionary period, it is vital for your budget to optimize your big rig diesel performance. You may already be aware of several ways to save fuel, such as avoiding excessive idling, checking your tire pressure, and eliminating quick accelerations. Although these are great steps to take, these tactics alone won’t increase fuel mileage by much. Many tractor-trailer and big rig owners feel the need to purchase extra equipment such as a cold air intake, a computer program to tweak the engine, and free-flow exhaust systems-- these can easily cost upwards of $1,000. If your main goal is to save money, shelling out $1,000 on parts to improve fuel mileage could be counter-productive.

Factors in Diesel Performance

big rig diesel performanceThe quality of diesel performance is influenced by several conditions including excessive sludge buildup, deposit buildup, and water in the fuel tank.  Remedy these problems and you can expect an improvement.

Fuel treatment products by Bell Performance provide a cost-friendly, efficient, and lab-tested way to improve diesel fuel performance.

Bell Performance's multi-purpose DEE-ZOL diesel fuel additive solves diesel fuel-related problems such as:

  • diesel performance products, diesel additive, diesel fuel treatmentsludge buildup
  • deposits in the combustion chamber, injectors, valves, and fuel tank
  • water accumulation in the fuel tank
  • loss of power

Fuel Treatment improves Diesel Performance

Bell Performance’s DEE-ZOL diesel additive works to restore the optimal power and performance your truck had when it was new. And big rig truck drivers who use DEE-ZOL can expect: DEE-ZOL is a balanced formulation suitable for all grades and brands of diesel fuel.

  • increased horsepower
  • reductions in harmful emissions
  • less of a need for downshifting when going through hilly terrain.

The capital costs of modifying your truck with special equipment might be a good investment if you want to increase power or want your truck to have a certain look or sound. But if your primary goal is to get the most from your fuel and keep your diesel truck at peak performance then Bell’s DEE-ZOL diesel fuel treatment will not leave you disappointed! 

DEE-ZOL and our other quality products are available at our Online Store.

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This post was published on July 26, 2010 and was updated on November 1, 2021.

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