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Mix-I-Go and Dee-Zol Reduce Fleet Operating Costs

Posted by: Bell Performance

“I have been around trucks and machinery for as long as I can remember.  Currently, I own a general commodities common carrier trucking company with 10 trucks.  Over the years we have tried many ways of cutting costs on maintenance and fuel.  We have tried additives some other kinds of oils and greases.  However, I must say Dee-Zol and Mix-I-Go are the very best that I have ever found.  I use Mix-I-Go in my wife’s car and noticed a mileage increase of 16% along with smooth running with more power, after just a bottle and a half.  At this point, I began to wonder if Dee-Zol was just as good and bought a drum. Dee-Zol is every bit as good. We add Dee-Zol right to our bulk tank.  The sludge is gone from the tank, the truck engines are running smooth, the filter life has doubled and tripled, and we have had no water problems or fuel-related problems since starting with this product a year and a half ago.  Our mileage throughout the fleet is up 5-8%.  I highly recommend these products for the reduction in operating costs.”

Long Haul Trucking Company, Oregon

MIX-I-GO Concentrate

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