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Fuel Consultant's Fleet Tests Show Bell Performance Products Best

Posted by: Bell Performance

“I am an independent fuel consultant doing business with Bell Performance since 1980.  In the winter months I treat over 30 million gallons for fuel per month.  I know Bell Performance products protect your fleet investment these are the best products on the market.  I was a Caterpillar mechanic of 20 years and I’ve done all the tests on fleets such as Darigold, Safewat, Waste Management and hundreds of others to show that Bell products will lower emissions, lower soot loads in oil, increase economy, lubricate fuel system and winterize their fuel without adding #1 diesel.  I believe in these products because they work.  Twenty to thirty million gallons of treated fuel per month in the Northwest is proof.”

Fuel Jobber/Distributor, Washington State

Gasoline Problems


Topics: Diesel, Fuel Distribution, Fleet