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Tough Industry Job Doesn't Faze X-tra Lube Grease

Posted by: Bell Performance

We've been touting X-tra Lube Grease for a long time as the best on the market for the tough jobs that cause other greases to fail. And we were happy to receive a Product Experience e-mail from a recent customer in Ohio, Rex, who purchased X-tra Lube Grease for use in his industrial processes. Here's what Rex had to say:

grease for hydraulic press"Have been trying to find the ideal grease for an application at work and this caught my eye.  I have been trying multiple synthetic greases/brands for my application since you would think they would have better lubrication properties. On my application though, most rub off and seem to leave no film left and just metal to metal rubbing. This was very disappointing. I thought I would give your product a try after reading about it, even though it was lithium based. I use the product on a rectangular ram that slides up and down on a terminal applicator in a press. It seems to wear well and I can actually see it turn to copper color after heavy use. I can see that there is a film left, even after hundreds of strokes, telling me there is still some lubrication left.  This is something I would have never thought possible in grease and was actually skeptical when reading about it. Overall I am very pleased and have been using it exclusively on my high-wear applicators. Thank you!"

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