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Finally! Real Tips for Gas Savings

Posted by: Bell Performance

With United States gas prices so high these days, it's not hard to find gasoline-saving tips on CNN, MSNBC, and Fox News, as well as on Google and other assorted internet information sites.  Well, how's this for a pointer? If you read the Bell Performance, Inc. blog, you can see Toyota Prius type savings without having to shell out the cash for a hybrid. Combine several tips, perform your needed routine maintenance, and you'll save some good money over time.

There's no Checkered Flag

tips for gas savingsDid you know that completely cutting out aggressive driving can save up to 37% on your gas budget? Bell Performance's advice to all you "Mario Andretti" drivers is to stop driving like maniacs! You are using 1/3 more gas than necessary to get to your destination!  Plus, If you're willing to change, you'll find many benefits: no speeding tickets, greater safety, reduced stress, lower repair bills for tires and brake pads.

Cruise, Don't Use

For those travelers road-tripping it to the Grand Canyon for the summer, remember to drive the tips for gas savingsspeed limit and, if the roads are clear, set the cruise control. This will help you maintain that steady speed.  When proper and steady speed is maintained, you can expect up to 28% in gas savings.

Thou Shalt Not Idle Unnecessarily

Another way to save fuel is to avoid excessive idling. That doesn't mean turning off your car in the middle of an intersection, but if you are parked and waiting on someone or something, it is a good idea to turn off the engine for times exceeding one minute.

Consider a Fuel Additive

Once you're saving gas by changing your driving habits, you are ready to check out products on the market for fuel savings.mix-i-go
Yes, there are many devices, attachments, and doodads that claim to reduce fuel costs but yield no results. There are also many gas additives that do nothing more than take hard-earned money right out of your pocket.  You know who we mean, the ones with slick ads, sponsorships, and celebrity endorsements. 

Bell Performance is different.  It works!  We are the original fuel additive manufacturer with road use and laboratory tests since 1909.  Bell Performance fuel additives are proven to produce 10-15% in gas savings.  Vehicles using Bell Performance fuel additives get a truckload (pun intended) of benefits:

  • Increased Mileage
  • Lubrication of Engine Parts 
  • Removal of Carbon Deposits
  • Dissolution of Gums and Varnishes
  • Extended Sparkplug Life
  • Removal of Water
  • Improved Horsepower
  • Reduced Harmful Emissions
  • Prolonged Engine Life



Yes, the hard part is changing your driving habits.  But when you are ready for that last step, head on over to the Bell Performance On-Line Store.

We made it first, We make it best!

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This post was published on July 20, 2010 and was updated on November 1, 2021.

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