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Florida Boater Solves Water Problems with Ethanol Defense

Posted by: Bell Performance

Bell Performance heard recently from a marine customer who had a great experience using Ethanol Defense - not in their car, but in their boat.

ETHANOL DEFENSE GALLON“Recently, after a few rainstorms here in Central Florida, I found I had a problem with the fuel cap on my boat. 

There was water in the 47-gal. gas tank and the boat was misfiring.

First I tried some Sta-Bil at the rate of 2.5 ozs. per 5 gals of gas. My tank was half full (47gal capacity) so to the 20+ gals., I added approximately 10 Ozs of Sta-Bil.

That stopped the misfiring but when I raised the rpm's to 4,000 or so I would get a loud bang. I tried this several times with the same results each time.  I was later told that the engine was having problems burning off the water in the fuel at higher rpm's.

I talked to my local fuel distributor (Harris Oil) and they sold me 'Ethanol Defense' formulation. After running at lower RPMs for maybe 10 minutes, I opened her up.  No bang, my engine was now purring at over 4,000 RPMs.

I even got it up to 5,000 rpm – no banging, just great performance. I'm hooked! 

Thank you Bell Performance.  

Eric, Little Lake Harris, FL"

March 2014

Ethanol Defense

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