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X-tra Lube and Dee-Zol Save A Long Haul Truck

Posted by: Bell Performance

X-tra Lube oil additive from Bell Performance dramatically reduces frictions and wear inside an engine's metal surfaces, with dramatic results on residual lubrication.  These benefits were confirmed when a customer from Alabama, Michael B., responded to one of our emails with a fantastic report on how X-tra Lube oil additive and Dee-Zol fuel treatment saved one of the trucks at his business:

oil additive for heavy trucks"Had a 90s model Freightline Cabover with a 28 foot flat bed and a piggyback forklift attached.  An employee loaded up with concrete blocks and had just passed the last exit before the (Alabama) state line and the temperature gauge pegged out. Employee made the decision to continue driving to the next weight station of the next state. Distance was approximately 10 miles He entered entered into weigh station with steam rolling out as if truck was on fire. When notified by said employee, the descion (sic) was made to let the motor cool down. When cooled, they discovered that radiator had no water in it. Driver admitted to not doing basic pretrip procedures that morning. Filled radiator back up with water. Started up the motor. No damage whatsoever. Driver then continued to the job site with load and used the truck for another two years later. Last time I saw it, it was still going strong."

X-TRA Lube Oil Additive


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