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Episode 002 - Fuel Health with Corey Agnew (Part 1)

Mar 25, 2022 3:45:29 PM - Posted by: Erik Bjornstad

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If you think about the business marketplace out there—and all of the different places that use fuel in their operations—most store fuel in preparation for future uses. If you work somewhere that requires dealing with stored fuel, such as a fire station, hospital, or health care facility, it is likely that you will have to deal with a fuel service professional at some point. So, that is exactly what we will be talking about today with a guest who knows the industry very well: Corey Agnew, the Director of Fuel Quality at Guardian Fueling Technologies.

Listen in as we discuss what you should be on the lookout for when analyzing fuel health, as well as how to engage with a fuel service professional to ensure you are getting the right help. You will learn how to properly take care of high-turn fuel versus low-turn fuel, common issues faced in the retail sector, and what the typical service call with a fuel service professional might look like.

Listen to the Full Episode:

What You'll Learn:

  • What you should look out for in terms of fuel health.
  • How to engage with fuel service professionals.
  • When you should request a professional to look at your fuel.
  • How to take care of high-turn fuel versus low-turn fuel. 
  • Problems that are commonly seen in the retail sector.
  • What a typical service call with a fuel professional might look like.
  • Suggestions on how to take care of your stored fuel. 
  • How often diesel fuel is contaminated.

Ideas Worth Sharing:

“All storage tanks will accumulate water over time just through natural condensation.” - Corey Agnew

“Premium is not always better.” - Corey Agnew

”You can stay ahead of contamination.” - Corey Agnew


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