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Bell Fuel and Tank Services

Compliance Certification For Stored Fuel

Taking the Guesswork Out Of Fuel Maintenance

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Best practices tell us that stored fuel users should be checking their fuel and storage tanks on an regular basis. But even adhering to these recommendations won’t tell you if your fuel is still “good”, or where you stand in the area of avoiding stored fuel problems.  You need better information on what your fuel condition means and what you might need to do to predict the future.

Bell Fuel & Tank Services was created to help its customers deal with the fact that the fuel that we rely on has changed dramatically since the mid-2000s.  This creates a challenge for many kinds of organizations that must adhere to fuel compliance standards set forth by Local, State or National/Federal agencies.  Bell FTS utilizes a full suite of third party and ASTM laboratory testing, reporting and certification services to ensure our customers can overcome this challenge.  And Bell FTS also provides next-generation microbe testing and monitoring for stored fuel clients.  This helps them not only cut through the uncertainty of whether their fuel is good right now, but also gives them a clearly defined picture of how their fuel’s health is likely to be holding up in the future.

They can remain in good standing with governing bodies such as NFPA, ACHA and CMA, protected against concerns of liability related to poor fuel quality.

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Customers with the Bell Fuel & Tank Services program have confidence that their fuel will do what it’s supposed to when storms and emergencies are on the horizon – and more importantly, when they aren’t.  They have these answers because their fuel has been tested and its condition verified with reliable ASTM testing and next-generation microbe testing that gives them answers and peace of mind when it comes to their fuel’s condition.

Plus, if a fuel problem does arise, this kind of testing provided through Bell Fuel & Tank Services points them to the right solution to fix the problem right the first time. They don’t waste time or money chasing the wrong solution.