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The Importance of Using Motorcycle Oil Additives

Posted by: Bell Performance

In an effort to reduce the nation's dependence on foreign oil and produce cleaner fuel for the environment, many gas suppliers are supplementing gasoline mixtures with ethanol "filler", after spending years removing the lead from gasoline.

Motorcycle_oil_additivesWhile this might make sense from an economical standpoint, it doesn't make sense from an engine standpoint, especially if you own a motorcycle.

Motorcycles are expensive pieces of equipment that need the best fluids to run properly.  But in many areas, non-ethanol gasoline may not be available, taking the choice out of the hands of consumers. 

So if they can’t control the fuel they have to fill up with, what can they do to enhance the life of their motorcycles? 

The answer: motorcycle oil additives.

Essentially, motorcycle oil additives will stabilize the fuel mixture so that your bike is running on the best quality of fuel. While it's an extra step in the overall process of caring for your motorcycle, it's a step that should be taken seriously for riders that are serious about their bikes. 

But there are certain things you should know about motorcycle oil additives as opposed to other types of fuel additives. 

For instance:

  • Always read the label to determine what type of engine the additive is intended for. Some additives are meant for 2-stroke engines, some 4-stroke engines. Others are intended for diesel engines. Knowing what type of additive you need is the first step to this housekeeping step.
  • Aside from the type of engine the additive is intended for, it's important to also know whether you're dealing with a classic engine or a modern one. For classic engines, it's important you select an additive that's intended to add lead to the mixture.

Treat your bike right and it will treat you right.

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This post was published on January 22, 2014 and was updated on April 15, 2021.

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