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The 12 Days of Mix-I-Go: Day #4 - Hydrofuel!

Posted by: Bell Performance

If you were driving a state highway in the 1950s (the federal interstate system didn't start until 1956), it's entirely possible you might have seen signs for Mix-I-Go Hydro Gas.

hydrofuelHydro Gas (or Hydrofuel) was the gasoline blend created in collaboration between Bell Laboratories (the old name for Bell Performance) and nationwide gasoline distributors, where they would treat their gasoline supplies with Bell's Mix-I-Go formulation.  This enabled them to suspend water in the gasoline.  This new Hydrofuel mixture gave drivers better compression (more power) and cleaned their engines by steaming out the carbon deposits that built up over time. Drivers across the country loved Mix-I-Go Hydrofuel.

Bell Laboratories stopped manufacturing Mix-I-Go Hydrofuel in the 1960s, but continued selling the Mix-I-Go treatment formulation with no end in sight.

MIX-I-GO Concentrate

This post was published on December 16, 2011 and was updated on September 19, 2022.