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Women Refueled - "What Do Most Women Know About Fuel?"

Posted by: Erik Bjornstad

A change of pace this week at the Bell Blog. Today, we hear from Bell Performance's Director of International Business, Deborah Moon, talking to women (and men) about common views on gasoline.

Women Refueled - What do most women know about fuel?

shutterstock 62241886 medWell, if you are like I was, obviously you had to put it into the car to make it run (sometimes with a little spit and prayer,) but that was as much as I knew or cared about.  Now my circumstances have changed, and I can’t believe all there is to know about fuel!

For example, did you know there's a difference between summer fuel and winter fuel?  (I guess that should make sense since we have a different wardrobe for summer and winter! J)

Seriously, now that we’re approaching winter, our fuel will be blended with different components which affect the energy output of our vehicles!  In summer, the gasoline blend has to be more stable to reduce the amount of gasoline evaporating into the air at the pump.  These “evaporative emissions” represent millions of gallons of gasoline per year entering the environment all across the country!  With this summer blend gas, you can get about 2% more mileage.  Not a big deal until you run out to the grocery store late at night for Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream, and you need just a teensy bit more gas in that empty tank to get home!

Very soon, we’ll be using the winter blend gas, which evaporates more quickly and helps to prevent starting problems when it’s getting colder outside.

Cars, trucks, boats and small engines all see the difference in mileage and fuel consumption between the seasons.  By the way, on top of the loss in mileage, there is a thing called “ethanol” that wreaks more havoc on gas mileage and maintenance!  More on that next time!

describe the imageWhat can we do?  Well, KNOWLEDGE IS POWER!  There are excellent solutions (check out www.WeFixFuel.com) that actually minimize pre-oxidation of the fuel in the combustion chamber prior to the spark igniting the fuel mixture.  TMI?  In other words, they increase the fuel burning efficiency and horsepower to provide you the energy that your fuel was made to give.

And what are the benefits?  Among other things, a savings in our pocketbooks!  Our vehicles will perform as they were intended, giving us that extra mileage we need to squeeze more “gas out of the turnip!”

We’ll talk more soon about YOUR fuel!  (I’m running out now to get some of that yummy ice cream! J)

Deb Moon @ Bell Performance - A “Woman Refueled”

Gasoline Problems

This post was published on December 18, 2013 and was updated on December 18, 2013.

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