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Oops...someone put diesel in President Obama's gasoline limo

Posted by: Bell Performance

diesel in gas engineWord from Israel is that they're having to bring in a back-up limo from nearby Jordan because the primary presidential limosine was accidentally filled with diesel fuel instead of gasoline. This, of course, rendered it inoperable, or at least until they can flush the fuel system and get the diesel fuel out.  Given the tight schedule of President Obama's trip to Israel over the next few days, waiting wasn't really an option. So the backup is on its way.

Gasoline engines will not operate on diesel fuel because diesel fuel has a higher temperature of ignition than gasoline does. So diesel fuel will not burn or combust in the way necessary for an engine that is engineered to operate on the combustion qualities of gasoline fuel, which is less dense (lighter weight) and burns at a lower temperature than the diesel fuel now contaminating the presidential limo.

diesel fuel problems

I wonder if someone brought some ethanol fuel with them for the trip?

The Guardian Newspaper in the United Kingdom broke the story.


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This post was published on March 20, 2013 and was updated on November 19, 2013.

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