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Fleet Eliminates Diesel Fuel Gelling and Cuts Downtime

Posted by: Bell Performance

diesel gelling“I just wanted to take a minute to let you know how happy we at Vehicle Management are with Dee-Zol Plus. Seldom do we endorse a product. However, when a product works as well as yours, we are glad to endorse it. We have been using your product for the last four years; prior to that, we had tried most of the well known additive on the market. We feel your product has out performed all of the others.

We have not had one instance of vehicle downtime for diesel fuel gelling since using the additive.  This used to be a serious problem on cold winter mornings, with as many as 20 and 30 vehicles being down on a given morning.

Since using the additive we have noticed a significant reduction in exhaust smoking. We feel this is important in dense metropolitan areas like where we are. We just don’t have any fuel elated maintenance problems anymore. Fouled injectors and carbon buildup in cylinder heads have been eliminated. This has also resulted in better starting, better performance and better fuel economy.

The use of your product has been very cost effective. The City has not only saved money, but we have a more reliable fleet and so need less backup vehicles.”
Large Municipal Fleet, Michigan

Dee-Zol Concentrate

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