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First Responders Rely on Bell Performance Products

Posted by: Bell Performance

“Our city is using Dee-Zol, Mix-I-Go, and X-tra Lube presently. We have had some dramatic results from these products. Our fuel tanks have a recurring water intrusion with the resulting algae problems. This produced many problems with our engines and rescue vehicles. The final straw was a fuel-starved rescue going down on the way to the hospital with a patient. We began using Dee-Zol in the fill and vehicle tanks. This has virtually ended these types of problems. After using Mix-I-Go, added benefits were noticed, emissions were significantly reduced while power was increased, plugs and injectors stayed cleaner longer. X-tra Lube is used to extend the usable life of the equipment that can’t be replaced this fiscal year; a major concern for anyone on a fixed budget. It has reduced the number of firefighter complaints about hydraulic weepage and needed repairs.”

fire trucks get better performance with Dee-ZolMunicipal Fire Department, Florida

Topics: Fuel Storage, Fleet, Heavy Trucks and Equipment