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Ethanol Defense customer gets 9% better gas mileage, smooth operation

Posted by: Bell Performance

ethanol defenseWord is getting out about Ethanol Defense, Bell Performance's new and improved ethanol-treating formulation introduced in April 2012. One such customer wrote back to us with this:

I would like to share with the Bell Performance staff the results of my first tank of gas since I started to use "Ethanol Defense' and "Engine Cleanse" on July 27th.

After receiving the products, I filled up my gas tank with BP Amoco 87 octane. My tank holds 15 gallons, so I added 3 ozs. of "Ethanol Defense". At the time my gas mileage was 17.99 MPG/City. On Monday, July 30th, I had my oil changed (I was due) and had my mechanic idle the car for 5 mins. after adding "Engine Cleanse" (per Bell's instructions) and before changing the oil and filter.

Two weeks later, I refilled my gas tank with 12.581 gallons of BP Amoco 93 octane. My gas mileage jumped to 19.64 MPG/City = an increase of 9.18%!

Keep in mind, I drive a 1989 Volvo 740 GL station wagon with a 4 cylinder engine. The engine has never been rebuilt or the fuel injector replaced. I did, however, have to replace the two fuel pumps 4 years ago and that is when I statred to lose MPG's. When I bought the car 7 years ago, I was getting 21-22 mpg/City and 26/27 mpg Highway which is also the "official" rate for this car as pubished by the EPA.

I can not give a "Highway" MPG at this time as I am not planning any road trips until September. Also, the reason I re-filled with 93 octane is to see if there is any more improvement. It is also recommended by Volvo in the owners manual to burn 91+ octane gas every 4 or 5 tanks.

One more thing, I noticed within the first 20 - 30 miles of adding "Ethanol Defense" that my engine was running VERY smoothly. Acceleration was very smooth and there was no "choking". The car idles very quietly. I consider this a bonus of equal importance to increased MPG.

I am very happy with my results and Bell can consider me a lifelong customer from this point on. Thank you.

Ethanol Defense