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Episode 026 - How To Solve a Microbe Problem (Part 1)

May 10, 2023 6:00:00 AM - Posted by: Erik Bjornstad

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Fuel is the lifeblood of many industries, but with great power comes great responsibility. Unfortunately, keeping microbial contamination at bay is one of the biggest challenges that businesses and professionals in the fuel industry face today. Due to changes in fuel composition over the years, it has become easier than ever for microbial contamination to develop in storage tanks. And when that happens, the consequences can be dire.

In this episode, we'll tackle the issue of microbial contamination in fuel head-on. We'll cover everything from identifying the symptoms of a problem to the steps you need to take to eliminate it. We'll also explore the impact of government mandates on fuel composition and offer practical tips and advice for keeping your fuel storage tanks clean and contamination-free. 

Listen to the Full Episode:

What You'll Learn:

  • The biggest problems faced by businesses that deal with fuel.
  • Why fuel is more susceptible to microbial contamination.
  • What to do if you have a storage tank that has a microbial problem.
  • The symptoms to be aware of regarding microbial contamination.
  • The issue with looking for symptoms.
  • Recommended tests for identifying microbial problems.

Ideas Worth Sharing:

  • The biggest problem that businesses and professionals who have to work with fuel face is keeping microbial contamination under control.” - Erik Bjornstad
  • Now, because of the way fuel has changed in recent decades, it is easier than ever for microbial contamination to develop in storage tanks, and when that happens, it brings serious problems with it.” - Erik Bjornstad
  • “What’s going on in the tank will show up in the filter.” - Erik Bjornstad
  • “The problem with looking for symptoms of microbial contamination in your fuel is that, in many cases, by the time the symptom is serious enough to be noticeable to the outside observer, the problem inside has already progressed to a pretty serious stage.” - Erik Bjornstad
  • “Testing is something that is essential for managing microbial problems.” - Erik Bjornstad


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