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Introducing Fuel Pulse by Bell Performance

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In-field testing system for the detection and monitoring of microbial contamination of aircraft fuels. 

Luminultra logoWhy Monitor for Microbes In Aviation Fuel?

Microbiological growth can occur at any stage in the jet fuel supply chain. In its life, jet fuel has multiple points of exposure to microbial growth risks. For aviation use, the consequences of these problems developing are unusually serious and can include:

The Fuel Pulse System

FP Luminometer Equipment Set:  The Tools Needed To Perform ATP-By-Filtration Testing

  • Comes with the luminometer + electronic module, plus all other hard equipment needed to conduct ATP-By-Filtration testing. 
  • Features a durable Pelican carrying case for use in the hangar or on the tarmac.


FP ATP Aviation Complete Packs


Reagents and consumables needed to conduct 5 or 10 ATP-By-Filtration microbial analysis tests:

  • Convenient box packaging with all consumables needed for testing
  • Specifically designed for aircraft fuel sump drain configuration
  • Provides for efficient purchasing and inventory management
  • Packaging that doubles as a work-station helps develop proficiency & ease of use for technicians in the field

Data Management Software Interface

Screenshot 2020-11-09 12.38.59
  • Provides simple, easy calculation & interpretation of test results
  • Essential for developing aircraft & tank trend analysis

Fuel Pulse Test Features & Information

  • ASTM D7687 Standard Test Method 
  • Fully quantitative & immediate results within 5 minutes
  • Applicable for both fuel & fuel-associated water 
  • Compliant with aircraft manufacturer AMM guidelines and warranty requirements
  • Cost-effective – $50 per test avg. cost
  • Full implementation training & on-going technical support available

What it Delivers for Our Customers

  • Confidence in using the most sensitive & accurate test method
  • Reduced fuel-related liability
  • Extended aircraft life

Currently approved and in use by the following OEM’s: 

  • Gulfstream
  • Dassault
  • Embraer

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