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Bell Fuel and Tank Services

Fuel Quality Guarantee

What’s The Value of Peace of Mind?

The Bell FTS 360 Guarantee



No matter where you are in the country, where there’s stored fuel, there are water problems, storage tank microbial growth, fuel stratification and other stored fuel contamination issues – the core causes of multiple problems that threaten to attack the bottom line.

Bell Fuel & Tank Services was created to be fully-managed stored fuel solution for its customers which guarantees to keep their fuel in clean, stable and working condition.  Customers served by Bell Fuel & Tank Services know they have a trusted partner in their corner, bringing them peace of mind that they are “fuel ready”. 

This isn’t just empty talk – they’re backed by the Bell FTS 360 Guarantee.

“Bell FTS guarantees that the fuel treated within a “fully-managed” program will meet ASTM-specifications as “usable fuel” for the duration of our service agreement. Should we not deliver to those specifications, we will provide all necessary products and services required (at no additional charge) until ASTM specifications are met.”

100% equipment operation, 0% fuel problems.  That’s just one of the value propositions of the Bell Fuel & Tank Service program.

Why can’t other fuel service providers do this? Because they don't use the same kind of hybrid approach that Bell Fuel & Tank Services does.  They don’t use diagnostic testing to confirm what’s wrong with the fuel (or what’s not).  They don’t utilize next-generation microbial monitoring and diagnosis to both guide their recommendations and give their customers peace of mind plus a clearer window into the actual condition of their stored fuel. 

New Call-to-actionWhat’s The Value of a Guarantee? Bell FTS Customers Know

And what does a guarantee mean to you? What is it about a guarantee that makes it valuable to the people who might have to act on it at some point?

When you think about it, a guarantee is only as good as the person or company behind it. Will they honor their work? Do they consider their customers’ interests equal to their own, or will they look for every kind of loophole in order to say “sorry, not really” if it ever comes time to honor it? We’ve all heard stories about companies backing their products with a glowing “100% satisfaction guarantee”. Except if they’re ever called on it. That’s when you get a real sense of the merits of the company.

Bell Fuel & Tank Services customers never worry about the company behind the guarantee. They know it’s Bell Performance, the inventors of the first fuel additive who have been serving satisfied customers since way back in 1909.  They know they can trust Bell Performance, because Bell Performance knows you don’t stay in business for more than 107 years if you don’t honor your promises to your customers.