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The 12 Days of Mix-I-Go: Day #3 - 1927 vs Today

Posted by: Bell Performance

Robert Bell finally finished development work on Mix-I-Go in 1927.  Unlike his previous development (O-M-I-GO 76), Mix-I-Go was a multi-function formula that had the ability to suspend water in gasoline.  Robert Bell was one of the first to be able to accomplish this feat and may have been the first to bring this new development to market in a form that could benefit cars and trucks.

bell performance historyA lot has happened since 1927, the "salad days" for a lot of people in the US. It was two full years before the Great Stock Market Crash would usher in the Great Depression. The Roaring Twenties were still roaring. Charles Lindberg won the Orteig Prize (along with fame and fortune) for being the first person to fly across the Atlantic non-stop.  It was a year after the first liquid-fueled rocket was launched and a year before the first color TV set and first talking movie pictures were introduced and popularized.

mix-i-go historyThe automobile industry was also booming by 1927. The 15-millionth Model-T rolled off the assembly line that year. The Swedish automaker Volvo was founded and produced its first car. The US auto industry still had numerous automakers but would see the industry whittled down to just three big ones (Ford, Chrysler, and GM - sound familiar?) by 1929.

It's amazing to think that Mix-I-Go has been around that long!

MIX-I-GO Concentrate

This post was published on December 16, 2011 and was updated on January 5, 2022.