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The Best Wheel Bearing Grease - Bell X-tra Lube Grease

Posted by: Bell Performance

best wheel bearing greaseWhat would you expect from the world’s best wheel bearing grease? The answer to that question might differ from person to person, as no one grease lubricant will be the best grease for every single kind of application imaginable. Jobs like roller bearing duty need a lubricating grease that flows while retaining its viscosity and lubricant film strength.  Heavy load-bearing applications might tend toward a grease lubricant that’s tacky and almost stringy.  Marine applications may require a grease lubricant that’s more heavily resistant to water washout.

But for the typical consumer and industrial user, what makes the world’s best wheel bearing grease for them? Staying power? Outstanding reduction of friction? High temperature resistance? Probably all of the above.

Enter Bell Performance’s X-tra Lube Grease – the World’s Best Wheel Bearing Grease.  A bold claim for a bold product.

Conventional lubricating greases rely on chemical soap complexes to deliver lubricating oil to needed greased areas, with some help from thickening agents like lithium or calcium or molybdenum.  The type of thickener used is what identifies the kind of grease it is – lithium, moly, calcium etc.  As the lubricating grease is used, with enough combination of pressure, heat, and time, the grease eventually breaks down and wears out, soon to be followed by another application of the same grease.

X-tra Lube Grease is the World’s Best Wheel Bearing Grease because of its unique and unparalleled ingredients – a superior lithium grease supplemented with copper and lead micro-particles.  Copper and lead not only provide the most superior lubricity and friction-dispersing benefits for whatever application being used, they also provide superior staying power, as the particles continue to lubricate long after any lubricating grease might have been worn or burned away. 

Lower-quality lubricating greases, when exposed to high heat, would see their oil base burned away, leading to lubrication and equipment damage.  Put the X-tra Lube, The World’s Best Wheel Bearing Grease in that same kind of situation, and the copper and lead particles keep potentially catastrophic seizing and damage from occurring.

X-tra Lube Grease is unique because no other conventional grease lubricant can beat the lubricating power of copper and lead in metal surfaces.

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This post was published on May 31, 2011 and was updated on September 4, 2014.

Topics: Heavy Trucks and Equipment