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Boating this weekend? Look out for ethanol problems.

Posted by: Bell Performance

Going boating this weekend?  When you top off your boat's tank, will you end up using ethanol-blended gas?  The problems with ethanol in fuel systems have been well noted.  The challenge for many boaters is that ethanol-blended fuel is the only type made available at their local station.

ethanol problems in boatsEthanol can mean big problems for boats.  Ethanol can lead to water accumulation in the boat's fuel tank.  Water in the fuel = stalled boat.  Not anyone's idea of weekend fun.  Ethanol can also ruin your fuel lines and clog your fuel system leading to otherwise  unnecessary and costly repairs.

Before you head out on the water, why not check for water accumulation in your tank? You will need:

  • a yardstick, a clean dowel, something that will fit in your gas tank.
  • a good water finding paste that is formulated for alcohol

Smear the water finding paste onto the end of your yardstick or dowel and insert it into the gas tank.  The paste will change color when it comes into contact with water.  The height of the color will show you how much water has accumulated in your tank.boat fuel additive, ethanol problems, ethanol boats

Find some water?  Get yourself some Marine MXO from Bell PerformanceMarine MXO disperses and controls water build-up, preventing stalling and protecting your fuel injector.  It also improves your fuel efficiency, reduces harmful deposits, and provides lubrication.

Check out some real-life testimonials from some of our happy customers using Marine MXO and Bell Performance Products.



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This post was published on July 30, 2010 and was updated on November 4, 2021.

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