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Little Things That Can Help You Save Money on Gas

Posted by: Bell Performance

Just like your physical health, one small problem in the car can throw the whole operation of the vehicle off. 

One little ache or pain can slow us down or even stop us completely!  Your engine – big or small – is like that, too! 

little things that can help you save money on gasTake your gas mileage, for example. It has been shown that if you drive with the windows down at speeds over 40 mph, your mileage will drop!  Or if your tire pressure is just a few pounds off, you'll have the same problem.  Higher bills at the gas pump than you may expect. 

Well here’s another little stone in your engine’s shoe – when your engine runs rough, that's a sign that it isn't running efficiently.  Guess what is affected?  That’s right – mileage.

Not enough oil, the wrong kind of oil, operating with old oil that hasn't been changed, worn spots in the engine from natural aging – any or all of these can cause the engine to run less efficiently and cause your gas mileage to be affected.  When you buy motor oil, you buy the brand of your choice because you believe that it is the best able to make your engine run at peak performance.  But is it?

When the engine oil companies refine oil, they are given specification standards that they must meet which ensure the engine will run at warrantied performance.  If they wish to exceed above the standard, they can certainly do so – but with profits on the line, do you really think they do?

Putting X-TRA LUBE in your engine oil is just one way you can ensure that your engine runs at peak performance.  X-TRA LUBE contains a detergent package, a dispersant, and an anti-foaming agent, as well as its unique MBL friction-reducing core that protects the engine well beyond the typical performance of standard engine oils.   These add up to better and longer lubrication to provide peak performance for your engine.  When your engine is performing better, your mileage gets better, too.

X-TRA Lube Oil Additive

This post was published on January 8, 2013 and was updated on August 2, 2022.

Topics: Lubrication, Car Care