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Bell Helps Save Government Dollars with Fuel Additives

Posted by: Bell Performance

The federal government doesn't have the best reputation for spending tax dollars wisely. Some of us are old enough to remember the stories from the eighties about the government buying an $18,000 screwdriver or toilet seat. Unfortunately, those stories keep being added to, with tales of congressional staff being flown to locations across the country at rates of $180,000 an hour when they could have flown coach for $9,000 total. No wonder the average person gets disgusted by Congress.

government fuel additivesOne of the agencies supposed to be in charge of making sure your money isn't wasted is the General Services Administration, known as GSA. It's the GSA's job to streamline the buying process for all of those government agencies that spend so much money. Every so often, a win-win situation arises, like when Bell Performance is able to be included in a couple of the GSA schedules to provide fuel additives and oil additives for our nation's government fleets.

Bell Performance is currently approved for two different product schedules through GSA. Schedule 23V covers vehicles and accessories - accessories is where Bell treatments slot in. Schedule 51V applies to Hardware Needs - X-tra Lube Grease and Bell treatments like Mix-I-Go Small Engine Formula are the solutions of choice for government agencies looking for the best treatments to make equipment run best and last longest to stretch the taxpayer dollar, It's great to know that government agencies charged with making important parts of this country run can have access to the same outstanding fuel and oil treatments that consumers and private industry have been benefitting from for over 100 years. Next year, the GSA Schedule 81 is opening up. This schedule covers emergency equipment and all the things that go into supporting that. We all know how important this equipment is, after such devastating national emergencies as Hurricane Katrina and Superstorm Sandy.

We are looking forward to supporting the essential emergency and cleanup equipment that so many people rely on.  And we're looking forward to helping save your taxpayer dollars.

Protecting Stored Fuel Quality for Emergency Use

This post was published on December 20, 2012 and was updated on April 6, 2022.

Topics: Small Equipment and Generators, Emergency Preparedness