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Finding Ethanol Free Gas

Posted by: Bell Performance

Finding Ethanol Free Gas2011 was the year that people really started to realize how bad ethanol was for their vehicles and small engines.  Repair shops around the country did a brisk business fixing lawn mowers and small equipment eaten up by the ethanol fuel.  Car and truck drivers didn't have to worry so much about that as they did about losing the fight for better gas mileage and paying more at the pump. We should say, *most* drivers didn't have to worry about that - the lucky few with older vehicles and classic cars have been very concerned about ethanol, as their engines are less able to cope with ethanol blends than most modern vehicles.

Fed-up consumers are now starting to ask where they can get ethanol free gas.  The longer time goes on, the harder that question becomes to answer.  According to the popular web site www.pure-gas.org, there are now less than 5,000 stations in North America where you can find even one pump that dispenses ethanol free gas - "pure gas" as the enthusiasts like to call it. And the picture can be even worse depending on where in the country you live.  The state of California only has five stations that have been identifed in this manner (if you live in California and know of some exceptions, contact the web site and they will gladly add your find to their list).  The great state of Maryland has just eighteen pure gas station.  Contrast those to a state like Florida with over 250 places to get ethanol free gas.

What if you can't find ethanol free gas?

Maybe you are close enough to a pure gas dispenser that you have no problem getting it.  You're one of the lucky ones. If you live too far away from one of the few ethanol free gas stations, but you don't want to just suffer through the mileage loss and other effects of ethanol, your only other choice is the treat your ethanol to blunt its harmful effects.   Bell Performance, of course, offers Mix-I-Go and Ethanol Defense for cars and trucks and Marine MXO for boats.  Many people find that the 2-3 miles per gallon they get back by treating their ethanol actually saves them more money than the extra gas they would have had to burn to drive out and find that out-of-the-way gas station that is the only one in their area that sells ethanol free gas.

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This post was published on January 13, 2012 and was updated on February 10, 2016.

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