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Mix-I-Go Adds an Extra 100,000 Miles of Life to a Fuel Pump

Posted by: Bell Performance

Bell Performance still has a lot of users who put Mix-I-Go in their gasoline. One of these loyal users emailed us in March to tell us about his experience.

ZOE_0024I have an SS Commodore that runs an LS1 5.7(GM) which was built in October 2003.  For most of the vehicle’s life, I’ve been using predominantly Shell 91 grade gasoline.  The life of the vehicle is now approaching 434,000 kms.

From 2003 until a few weeks ago, I was adding Mix-I-Go gas treatment at every fill with the Shell 91 gasoline. In 2008, I even switch to Shell 95 gas, because they started putting ethanol in the 91 grade and I didn’t want that.

A few weeks ago, I had to fill up with a different brand – Texaco Caltex 95 grade.  I switched, but I didn’t put Mix-I-Go in this fuel.

Unfortunately, I believe this new 95 grade fuel was also contaminated with ethanol, because the fuel pump seized. So I had to put a new fuel pump on.  But I took the old one to a mechanic, and he was amazed at the condition of the fuel pump – around here, most pumps last about 100,000 kms.

Mine lasted for over 400,000.

MIX-I-GO Concentrate

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