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Fleet gets 10% savings on gas and diesel.

Posted by: Bell Performance

“Last fall we reported on our first full year of using Dee-Zol Plus in a fleet of 16 diesel-powered work vehicles.  The impressive 10% savings in fuel costs at that time continue to pile up and we couldn’t be more pleased with the product.

Dee-Zol PlusAs a result of that success, we decided to try Mix-I-Go in our fleet of 18 gas-powered vans and trucks.  For years we had been using premium gasoline in these vehicles to resolve complaints about poor performance.  The hope was that Mix-I-Go would allow us to return to lower-cost regular gasoline.  Only a few people knew that our bulk storage tanks had been filled with regular gas treated with Mix-I-Go. We waited for reports of rough idling, poor acceleration, and engine knocks that had occurred in the past.  Three months went by and not a single complaint came in.  at the same time, data was building up in our fuel dispensing computer. We wanted to be sure that the savings between Mix-I-Go for fuel storagepremium and regular fuel wouldn’t be offset by lower gas mileage.  By the end of the test period, our fuel mileage had actually improved by 2%.  This improvement has been maintained over the long haul and we now average close to 3% better mileage on regular gas.  Combined with the lower cost of regular gas, the total savings amount to 10%.


It is not often that we get introduced to products that actually outperform their advertising.  Dee-Zol Plus and Mix-I-Go have lived up to all our expectations and then some.”

Hydro Electric Commission Utility, Ontario Canada

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