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Industries Served: Fuel Polishers

fuel-polishing (1).jpgA fuel polishers’ business revolves around keeping their customers’ problem-free, turning their customers’ sad and dirty fuel and storage tanks into clean, fresh fuel and tanks. Their customers expect that have fuel that meets specification and doesn’t give them problems.

Darkened, unstable fuel filled with gums and varnish. Water phases filled with rust, sludge and biomass at the bottom of the tank. High microbial counts that plug filters and corrode storage tanks. Fuel polishers see (and fix) these kind of problems on a daily basis.

Changes to today’s fuel can make a fuel polisher’s business a challenge at times. A challenge that they have to overcome or face losing credibility with their customer or, worse, being viewed as a cause of their problems. Failure is not an option if they want to stay in business.

Bell Fuel & Tank Services (Bell FTS) offers the tools and the best-practice approach that fuel polishers need help them reach their goals.

The Bell FTS program supports fuel polishers with a hybrid approach to identifying and remediating fuel and storage tank issues, helping them ensure their customers’ expectations are exceeded and they stay fuel-problem-free and ready for business.

Fuel polishers get the best fuel treatment chemistries that make their job easier and prevent serious problems for their customers with microbes and MIC tank corrosion. Their important customers stay happy and problem-free.

Just as importantly, fuel polishers are supported by state-of-the-art testing and monitoring resources that ensure that fuel polishers and their customers know what’s going on with the condition of their tanks and the stored fuel product that’s being serviced.  This is especially important when it comes to customers who have microbe problems in their stored fuel.  Bell Fuel & Tank Services supports fuel polishers with next-generation microbe detection technology that enhances and meshes seamlessly with fuel polishers’ service processes.

This Fuel PM approach helps predict and head off problems instead of having to react to them. It sets them apart from their competition in a tight market. And this is better for business for everyone.

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