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Bell Fuel and Tank Services

Fuel-Pulse From Bell Fuel & Tank Services

The Fuel-Pulse program connect businesses and entities with stored fuel to the best practice fuel management elements that today’s fuels need. Fuel testing is the third piece of the fuel management that cannot be ignored. Done right, it gives you the benefit of a clearly defined problem and full confidence that your stored fuel meets essential industry standards while helping you keep it that way.

Fuel-Pulse: Condition Monitoring 

Gone are the days when taking care of stored fuel meant just set it and forget it. Fuel-Pulse makes condition monitoring easy and gives customers the right information to deal with the fact that today’s stored fuels are nothing like those of yesterday. Read more.

Fuel-Pulse: Fuel Testing & Understanding Your Fuel's Properties 

Your fuel’s properties can tell you a lot about both its history and its future.  And they can point you in the right direction about what you should be doing for your fuel, if you know what they’re trying to tell you. Read more.

Fuel-Pulse: The Mystery of the ASTM 

There’s a reason why “best practices” and “ASTM” are inseparably linked. No matter what you need to know about your stored fuel, there’s a good chance you’ll need an ASTM test to get you there. Read more.

Fuel-Pulse: Who Needs Fuel-Pulse? 

Fleets? Check. Hospitals, government entities, utilities? Check, check and check. Have mission critical stored fuel that people rely on? Check. Take care of other people’s stored fuel so they don’t have problems? Fuel-Pulse is for you, too! Read more.

Fuel-Pulse: Microbe Testing For Fuel - A Fuel-Pulse Advantage 

With microbial contamination, it’s not a matter of if, it’s a matter of when. Regular monitoring of microbial counts in stored fuel and tanks are essential for making the right decisions on taking action to prevent problems. Next-generation ATP testing from Fuel-Pulse allows you to do things you never could before. Read more.

Fuel-Pulse: What Sets Fuel-Pulse Apart? 

The market needs a complete solution for keeping stored fuel healthy. A customizable solution that combines leading edge technology, supported by reliable testing that gives you everything you need to make the right decision. If you have stored fuel, you need Fuel-Pulse. Read more.

Fuel-Pulse: Don't Know What To Do Next? 

Once a fuel problems is identified through the right testing, only part of the job is done. Fuel-Pulse guides stored fuel customers to the best and next steps they need to do. Because simply knowing about the problem isn’t enough - you have to know what to do next. Read more.

Introducing Fuel-Pulse From Bell Fuel & Tank Services

Businesses that store fuel - hospitals & healthcare facilities, backup generator owners, city and county services, fire and police stations, utilities, telecom and data centers - they rely on stored fuel to execute the critical emergency backup and other functions that ensure they can continue doing what they need to do at all times.The Fuel-Pulse fuel testing program from Bell Fuel & Tank Services was created to help you address the most important considerations when it comes to testing your stored fuel.

Given how important their services may be to their constituents, preserving the health of this stored fuel is of utmost importance.  Some groups like healthcare facilities are even governed by specific regulations that require them to pay more attention to their stored fuels and emergency generators than other types of users. An example of this might be the AHCA requirement for hospitals to test their backup generators at least once a month for at least 30 minutes.  And they may be required to keep paperwork on file to show that the fuel is still in spec.

Not everyone is bound by requirements like these. There are lots of groups out there who either don’t know the importance of fuel testing for the health of their stored fuel or they’re not sure exactly how to proceed.  What tests are important for stored fuel and why? What do these tests tell you about the health of the fuel?

With today’s fuels, it’s essential to have good answers to these questions.  Fuel-Pulse from Bell Fuel & Tank Services gives you these answers.

Today’s Stored Fuels Need Complete Maintenance

Gone are the days of set-it-and-forget-it fuel management. Today’s stored fuels, in addition to being more expensive than ever before, are more prone to serious problems than fuels from the past. They need complete maintenance to remain healthy and viable for when they’re needed.

But what is complete maintenance for stored fuels?

Complete maintenance has three elements - chemical treatment and mechanical cleaning, plus the third arm of best practice fuel testing. Experts would say that fuel preventive maintenance is incomplete without testing.

In fact, testing is arguably the most important, yet most misunderstood and/or overlooked part of the stored fuel care picture.  It’s the starting point and ending point of every tank treatment and the key to implementing a sound, cost effective ongoing maintenance program.  

Just Another Thing On My Plate?

To do it right, there’s a lot to consider in proper stored fuel care. Yet fuels managers aren’t scientists or chemists, and they shouldn’t be expected to know what tests are important and which ones they can do without.

Testing can also be expensive, which means the wrong testing decision can cost a lot of money.

Given these considerations, fuel managers and stored fuel users might be tempted to say “that’s just another thing on my plate. I’ve got too much else to do.” But that’s the wrong approach. Instead, you need someone who can be trusted to partner with you to help make those important decisions for the health of the stored fuel.

Introducing The Fuel-Pulse Testing Program From Bell Fuel & Tank Services

Simply put, the Fuel-Pulse program was created by Bell Fuel & Tank Services as its new fuel testing and analysis arm, created to cut through the technicalities of fuel testing and simplify the “important stuff”.

The Fuel-Pulse program makes sure customers get what they need and don’t waste money on what they don’t.

Fuel-Pulse helps keep track of their fuel testing results to trend and monitor any changes in the stored fuel’s condition. Customers see problems coming ahead of time and know what to do about them.

Elements Of The Fuel-Pulse Program

Fuel-Pulse offer a multi-pronged approach for best success. Diagnostic consultations for the fuel – what kind of problem do you have and how do you go about determining what the program is?

This may be followed by testing recommendations – what tests should you run, how do you interpret the results and what do they mean in terms of real world problems.

Of course, there’s also best practice guidance on best to do about it. What kind of treatment (and when) is required to fix existing problems with stored fuel and avoid those problems in the future?

Fuel-Pulse helps keep a finger on the pulse of your fuel.