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Ethanol in Agriculture and Farming Equipment - The Citrus Expo

Posted by: Bell Performance

Citrus ExpoIn August, Bell Performance heads to Ft. Myers, Florida for the 2011 Citrus Expo. The Expo is the world’s trade show for citrus growers and industry professionals. August is the later part of the season in Florida, so it’s a great time for industry professionals to get together and plan for the start of the next season.

Having been based in Central Florida since 1937, Bell Performance is well-positioned to serve the essential citrus industry in the state of Florida. Indeed, through the years Bell has developed and supplied problem-solving fuel treatments for citrus companies in Florida and other parts of the country.

Changes and new trends in world markets continue to throw challenges at the citrus industry in Florida. Citrus growers, like other farmers, rely on fuels to power the machines and processing equipment that help turn and take fruit from the orchard to product in the marketplace. The citrus industry is perhaps the largest ‘forgotten’ consumer who has been affected by the transition from gasoline to ethanol blends. That’s because citrus growers tends to use more large gasoline-powered machinery than other farming segments. Not only do they run the machine daily on E10 and E15, they have to store these fuels for contingency and later use. And when you’re talking about storing ethanol blends, you’re inviting unwelcome problems that citrus professionals can least afford.

The biggest challenge facing the industry in current time is the preservation of current trees and groves, keeping them healthy enough to maintain production. Citrus growers have solutions to this problem, while Bell Performance takes care of the fuels they use so more of their attention can be focused on these other pressing issues.

Bell Performance is looking forward to this year’s Citrus Expo; maybe we’ll see you there!

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This post was published on August 3, 2011 and was updated on May 7, 2014.

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