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Davidson Sales - Video Library

Many people today are visual learners. Bell Performance has responded with a variety of helpful videos, selected to assist Davidson Sales with your sales and training efforts.  Click on your desired video to play on-screen.


fuel-pulse atp testing VIDEOS

Video - Instructions For Sampling, Handling, and Shipping of Fuel-Pulse Samples for ATP Testing (Short Form)(2:20)


Video - Sampling, Handling, and Shipping of Samples For Fuel-Pulse ATP Testing (Complete) (18:04)




product training

Video - Bell Fuel & Tank Services Product Overview (34:46)


Bell FTS product review_Q2 2018 sales meeting


Video - Bellicide (Fuel Biocide Factors and Uses)(1:34:00)


This video is no longer available

The file cannot be accessed or has been deleted


Video - Super-Tane Cetane Number Improver for Diesel Fuel (46:12) - NEW

Super Tane cetane improvers 25 0416_720 LOW

Video - Cold Flow Improver and Cold Weather Diesel Fuel Training (1:54:00)


Cold Flow Improvers 48 (114min)_0416_720 LOW


Video - Dee-Zol Life & Fuel Stability (46:00)


Diesel fuel stability_Q2 2018 Sales Meeting Training 0518


Video - Demulsifiers and Remediation of Emulsified Fuel (Bell Demulsifier EB)(50:16)


Demulsifiers_Q2 Sales Meeting Training_0618


Video - Fuel Storage Suite (Dee-Zol Life, Tank Treatment SDF, DFS Plus) (1:12:00)


Fuel storage suite (DFS Plus, SDF, DZL Life)_LOW_0817


Video - Tank Treatment SDF (29:18)


SDF product training_internal and external 0416_720 LOW



technical Training

Video - ASTM D975 Diesel Fuel Specification (37:30)


ASTM D975_Sales Meeting Training Q1 2018_0418


Video - Diesel Fuel Stability (45:21) - NEW

Diesel fuel stability_Q2 2018 Sales Meeting Training 0518

Video - Fuel Changes & How They Affect You (1:08:14)

Recent Fuel Changes and How They Affect You_Webinar_1215

Video - Fuel Microbiology Made Simple (1:12:00)


Fuel Microbiology Made Simple 080218




Video - Condition Monitoring: Don't Have Stored Fuel Without It (Webinar 1:08:00)


Condition Monitoring webinar 080218


Video - Condition Testing and Remediation For Mission-Critical Stored Fuels (Webinar 1:32:00)


Condition Testing webinar 080118


Video - Fuel Tests You Need To Know About (Webinar 1:24:00)


Fuel Tests You Need To Know About_Webinar Recording_LOW_080217


Video - Impact of Biofuels On The Fuels We Use (Webinar 58:42)


Impact of Biofuels on the Fuels We Use webinar 030816


Video - Low Temperature operability (Diesel Fuel In Winter) (38:31) - NEW

26-Low Temperature Operability 0416_720 LOW

Video - Recent Fuel Changes & How They Affect You (Webinar 1:08:00)


Recent Fuel Changes and How They Affect You_Webinar_1215


Video - Storage Tank Corrosion: A Nationwide Problem (Webinar 1:14:00)


Diesel Tank Corrosion A Nationwide Problem_Webinar_020817


Video - Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel Fuel Cold Flow Treatment (46:51) - NEW

27-ULSD CFI 24 0416_720 LOW



Misc. Videos from bell Performance

Video - Tier IV Diesel Engines (44:02) - NEW


Tier IV engines_Q2 2018 sales meeting training 0418


Top Tier Gasoline Detergency: Features And Benefits (38:01) - NEW

Gasoline detergent and Top Tier 1216_sales meeting


Video - Water in Diesel Fuel (39:25) - NEW

Water in Diesel Fuel_Sales Meeting Training Q1 2018