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X-tra Lube in Finland: "I tried it and it seems to work well"

x tra lube in finlandBell Performance products have made their way all around the world. One of our distributors sold some X-tra Lube to a customer of his in Finland. The customer (Mr. Kovanen) was kind enough to keep track of his results and report back his findings:

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Ethanol Defense proves magic for motorcycles

Ethanol Defense has been out about a year now and motorcycle riders are starting to discover its benefits for their favorite two-wheeled toys. A motorcycle rider, Donald, emailed us about his Product Experience (we have a place on the web site where people can do that) and had this to say about Ethanol Defense:

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Mix-I-Go protects Mercedes

Since its inception in 1927, Mix-I-Go has protected virtually every make and model of vehicle you can think of, from Model T's and Edsels to modern sports performance cars.

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Mix-I-Go keeps an old engine purring at 265,000 miles

There are a number of places on the Bell web site that are designed to enable people to ask us technical questions. We got a question this week from Patrick, who wanted to know about the new kind of injectors for gasoline engines and how they differ in design from older injector models. 

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Diesel Additives that Work! Ours Saves Trucker $25 For Every $1 Spent

diesel additives that workEveryone who owns a diesel truck knows about Diesel Particulate Filter systems (DPF) that come standard on every model.  These systems are made to improve air quality by trapping all the unburned carbon and black soot that used to go into the atmosphere.  The down side for these systems is they have to be serviced, costing time and money for the owner/operator. And that's only if the DPF system doesn't malfunction and cause more headaches than it intends to.

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Ethanol Defense Review: An Automotive Professor's Experiment

Bell Performance has had the pleasure of having a lot of different kinds of customers over the years. Ever since we added some improvements to the web site making it easier for the users of our products to tell us about their experiences, we've been hearing more positive stories about what they've seen out on the open road.

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A Bell Performance Review: A Satisfied Customer All-Around

We try to encourage our customers to let us know how they like their purchases, and many times we will hear from customers who started using Bell Performance products in the 80s or 70s or even before.

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Tough Industry Job Doesn't Faze X-tra Lube Grease

We've been touting X-tra Lube Grease for a long time as the best on the market for the tough jobs that cause other greases to fail. And we were happy to receive a Product Experience e-mail from a recent customer in Ohio, Rex, who purchased X-tra Lube Grease for use in his industrial processes. Here's what Rex had to say:

grease for hydraulic press
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X-tra Lube and Dee-Zol Save A Long Haul Truck

X-tra Lube oil additive from Bell Performance dramatically reduces frictions and wear inside an engine's metal surfaces, with dramatic results on residual lubrication.  These benefits were confirmed when a customer from Alabama, Michael B., responded to one of our emails with a fantastic report on how X-tra Lube oil additive and Dee-Zol fuel treatment saved one of the trucks at his business:

oil additive for heavy trucks
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