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Dec 6 2011

by Bell Performance

Video Q&A: Diesel Emissions Systems, Diesel Exhaust Fluid and Dee-Zol

Technical Information Director Erik Bjornstad answers questions about using Dee-Zol with diesel emission systems and diesel exhaust fluid.

Modern diesel trucks and engines are required to be fitted with expensive systems to mitigate harmful emissions including sulfur gases and NOx.  A valid question by any owner/operator is whether an addition to the fuel such as Dee-Zol will interact with these systems in any way so as to endanger their functionality or health. 

Technical Information Director Erik Bjornstad tackles these questions in this short video answer.


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Topics: heavy trucks, diesel, Dee-Zol, diesel additives, diesel performance products, big rigs, exhaust smoke, diesel emission systems, diesel exhaust fluid, reducing emissions

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